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My stepfather..updated, new info


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Hi Everyone

I am not sure where to post this so if the General forum is not where it fits best, please move it.

When I first joined this board it was mere months after the loss of my best friend to a very aggressive form of lung cancer. I joined in hopes of finding peace of mind in helping others who are facing this horrific disease. I have been so blessed to have met so many wonderful, caring and good people here and I have sincerely gotten so much out of knowing that even the few simple words of support that I can offer, DO make a difference.

Now I am here hoping to find that same support and compassion as I learned yesterday that my 71 year old step father may well be facing the fight of his life. He had been in and out of the hospital recently for what we all thought was a minor heart issue. His doctors at the V.A. sent him for a CAT scan and the results show at least one spot on his right lung. He had been having pain and shortness of breath but due to the fact he had only recently quit smoking it was thought that he had pulled a muscle or something similar.

Mom is a wreck of course but she is doing her best to remain positive and I am doing my best to help her keep that outlook. We do NOT know for certain that this is a malignancy, but the doctors are feeling fairly confident that it is. We are now waiting on word from the veterans administration on when he will be sent out to Boston to have the biopsy done and from there we will know more.

Please say a prayer and I will post as we know more.

Thanks guys. I am so glad to be among friends who "get it".

Love and hugs


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Thank you all so much for the encouragement and the prayers and the concern. It is funny as I was thinking over the past couple of weeks that I was not sure I was going to stay here much longer. I was feeling like I was not able to contribute as much as I would like to, had been feeling out of place over some comments I had read and well I thought maybe it was time for me to move on. Then this...... I hate cancer so much. There are just no words to even express how much I hate it..... Sorry I did not mean to get off on a tirade there.. Just so much in my head right now that I cannot even function...

I spoke to Mom and the latest word is confusing to say the least. Originally we had been told all of the biospies would be done in Boston and then a plan of treatment etc would be discussed and put into place. NOW, however the doctors are thinking more toward sending Jerry out to Albany, NY VA hospital as it IS closer to us here and would sure make things easier travel~wise for Mom and the rest of us. BUT.. (isn't there always a but??) of course there is no way of knowing when they can take him in Albany.

So we have the appt still with Boston for Tuesday but that is completely tentative and up in the air. This waiting is torture. I just continue to pray that this stupid spot is nothing more than scar tissue or some stupid infection. This not knowing is so damn hard.

This is like reliving a nightmare that I had finally awoken from and begun to move away from. AARRGHHHHHHHHHHHH..... Thank god I have this site. I wish Mom was computer literate but she is scared to even turn a computer on never mind go on the INTERNET lol.. So, it will be me gaining strength, hope and information and advice from you all here and sharing it with her. I need you guys!!!

Thanks for listening...



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Hi Again,

Mom called me this morning with the latest news/update.

Jerry will be going to Albany, NY Veterans Hospital on Monday. She was able to speak to the doctor yesterday when the arrangements were made and got some additional information. The initial scan shows a 2.6 cm lesion in the bottom portion of the right lung. There is also concern about the pleura and the rib(s). This is really sounding worse and worse as more information is coming out.

The doctor indicated that he will be recommending another CT scan when Jerry gets to Albany in order to have a good baseline between the scan from 2 weeks ago and a new one. I have given Mom the standard, "get a notebook, take notes, ask questions, ask again if you don't understand, etc etc, but most importantly WRITE IT ALL DOWN". She also has been great about asking for copies of the tests, etc and has just about everything in hand now.

I am so glad I have learned so much from my time here prior to this. Thank you ALL for being so wonderful about sharing your experiences and advice. I don't even have words to express what you all mean to me right now.

Please keep us in your prayers as I have a gut feeling this may well be the beginning of a very difficult fight. And, I am really, really scared.

My love and thanks and huge hugs to all


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I am so sorry to hear of this latest upheaval in your life. I know how frightening those words can be. Please keep us updated and once in a while check your mom's notes. As you well know when you are the caregiver for someone you love the emotions sometimes get you off track and it is easy to miss something. Be her back up with the doctors and of coarse here with us. I'll be waiting to hear any news. Lillian

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Well suck a duck :( I am so sorry to hear the news and still am praying it is not a malignancy. Fortunately for your mom you have a lot of knowledge and knowledge is power. When my dad got diagnosed, the surgeon joked that I didn't need him to answer questions b/c I knew too much ;)

Hanging in there. Will look for updates.

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You know my heart goes out to you and your family. I sure hope this isn't what you (we all) fear, as you've already been down this road before. I really hate this for you and so hope it's something else.

You will all be in my thoughts and prayers as they search for a diagnosis.

Many hugs,


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