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Scan Time and Test Results.....UPDATE

Bruce u

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I get the results of my heart test on June 5 and the following week on June 12th, I get the results of my 3 month chest x-ray. If anyone has any good thoughts or prayers left over they would be appreciated up north.

Thank you to everyone for all your prayers. I really appreciate it. This is not L/C related but just wanted to let you know that I received the results of the MIBY heart test. Everything is normal with no blockages. One down and one to go !!!!

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saying an extra prayer from the home of the Southern Lights, well airport lights any way ,in North Carolina!!

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Good luck to you with your upcoming test results. I know well the anxiety involved in waiting.

Your story is almost the same as mine. My tumor was found on an x-ray, and then I had a CT, and my next visit was a surgeon who ordered the PET. I had an upper left lobectomy, stage 1B, and then chemo.

That was all 5 years ago, and I wish the same success for you.


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Bruce, my friend, I already know you have a great heart and the test will reflect that!

I am sending you all the prayers I have for good results. I just went through the waiting on CT scan results and can certainly identify with the fear of waiting for results...it pretty much sucks!

Anyhow buddy - from sunny Alberta I will be waiting to hear about your good results from both tests.

Take care Bruce,


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