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It was supposed to be a boring day for me


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I noticed this morning that I had appts on my calendar with clinical trial nurse and med onc. I just dismissed those as I was booted off the trial I was on when my cancer progressed with spine mets. My med onc actually phoned me, asked me how I was doing from 1st alitma treatment and then said no need for me to come in. Fine.

Then....the clinical trial nurse calls later in the afternoon. Says I really should have come in. I don't have to of course, but they still want to follow up on me re clinical trial even though I am off of it. So, I say okay, I will come in and see her and my med onc.

So I see the nurse...fine. And then med onc comes in and does boring stuff re trial...fine. And then I mention again to med onc, as I had done last week, at pre chemo appt, that my left lung is not feeling right. It is feeling different and I have been a bit worried. She thought maybe it was numb so did the needle thing. Nope, not that. Then she checks my breathing. Not great. And I say I am worried about fluid build up again or....????, I don't even want to say it. My lungs are supposedly clear.

So now she looks concerned and says I should go get an x-ray and we should get to the bottom of this asap! Puts right on the requisition, re recurring tumour or pleural effusion....NOW I am freaking out. I was not expecting not ready for this today. I should learn to never ever go to the clinic alone. You just never know what event might unfold. I go across to the hospital and get x-ray and all sorts of nasty things of course start to run through my mind. I am so scared the cancer is back in my lung again now...and I am walking over there and am so SOB. I knew it was getting worse but was just thinking it was because I haven' been able to twork out in so long because of pain in my back re spine mets.

My mind wasn't ready for this today. I thought I was results free for a few more weeks, until I got scan done for my back. I wasn't prepared for this and I am absolutely freaking out!! I don't know when I will get x-ray results, but maybe tomorrow or the next day.

Your prayers and positive thoughts would be very much appreciated.


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Sandra, I agree it wasn't a very good day. My prayers are with you that it is something easy to fix. Down south we have had really poor quality air that has many people sob. I know we all hate surprises so I'll hold my fingers in the crossed position as long as I can. I hope you get decent news. Keeping you in my thoughts.


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You can count on the positive vibes and prayers from me. So sorry that your non-eventful day ended up like this, but if something shows up that needs attention maybe it's a blessing that you went. On the otherhand, it just might show good news.. Hang in there and please let us know how things turn out.



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You know I have got your back on this one - I am rooting for you and praying hard.

I need to know that my crazy cancer sister is OK and wish I could do something to take away your anxiety (as you tried to take away mine with my scan results today).

I will be waiting and waiting to hear your good news so that we can celebrate at the pub in FINE fashion. It will be a party like that pub has never seen before!! :lol::lol: Hope we don't get thrown out!!!

Please hang in there, my friend. I hope you can sleep well tonight so that tomorrow and results will come quicker. Cancer really does suck and scanxiety sucks even more!!

Hugs to you - Patti B.

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Sandra, After your reply to my pm I came here and can't believe I missed this yesterday. I can't believe you haven't heard anything today but I'm sure the update would be here if you did.

Well, at least if you haven't gotten the results yet I can still keep hoping and crossing my fingers for you. I'm so sorry you have to go through this waiting and worrying.

Judy in Key West

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I was late seeing this post and was so sorry to hear about your unscheduled test. Hoping that the results are good and it was just precautionary testing. Sorry you are having to wait for the results. Big hug and prayers from way up north.

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Well finally after needing to get real agressive and track down my med onc and results...I find out that there is "no change" in my lungs from previous scans. And my lungs are supposedly pretty clear.

A major phew on that one..someone and all you good people are looking out for me. Thanks for all your support.

Next is scan for spine mets...I haven't even had that scan yet so will just block that one out of my mind for now, and take today's good news to the bank.

From a very happy smilin' Canadian girl!

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Sandra - what fantastic news - my hand wringing has rubbed my fingers raw! I have been watching and waiting for this and I am so-o-o happy for you. I can't believe they made you wait and wonder for "no change" *#$#*$!!!

Time to party (with my glass of ...water :wink: )


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