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Joel/ Cyberknife visit


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Hi All,


Just want to tell you about our visit with the Cyberknife doctor. First of all the staff and Dr. LaCauture were the most courteous professional people to converse with. They made us feel at home right at ease. You couldn't ask for a better staff.

It seems that Joel's surgeon had a meeting with Dr. LaCauture (Cyberknife) to discuss Joel's case at length. So the Doctor and the staff were aware of his circumstances before we arrived. Dr. LaCauture along with Joel's surgeon fully agreed that this is the way go. She is wonderful and so enthusiastic that this procedure will kill that nodule. She believes Joel is an excellent candidate.

I will say this, it is not a one time procedure as it takes time to get to the actual cyberknife insertion ( large does of radiation) there is preparation first. Too much to explain here. I know they have to do a margin and inject these pellets in first. He will be sleeping during the insertion. They have to also make a mold of his upper body.

We are so excited :mrgreen: as this seems perfect as there will be no operation and there are no side effects. The facility is there right in Mt. Laurel where he will have the procedure. It which will take approximately from 2 to three hours, 3 to 5 days a week, then it will be finished. It will then be followed up with CT to see the progress. Hope the little bugger is zapped into oblivion.

They showed us the cyberknife procedure room which was an awesome site. It has modern state of the art equipment as the office just opened last week. Is that another omen or what? Another thing, after he has the procedure he can leave the facility and drive home

We just know that this will work. If not we will have to talk to his Oncologist and surgeon about other alternatives.

Joel will unfortunately still have to go through chemo a couple weeks after this is over. This is for preventive purposes. Yikes, what happened to my hair again… :shock:

Anyway, just to let you know that this is a GO.... YEA!!!!! :D

At first we were not very happy that this appointment was on Joel’s B-day but it turned out to the best present.

We had a wonderful day yesterday, from that good news to going down the shore for the day. We went to the point in Longport and sat on the huge rocks and just enjoyed the pictureous view were the ocean and the bay meet. What gorgeous houses… What do these people do for a living??

We then went the opposite way to the inlet and enjoyed having drinks and snacks outside a dockside restaurant right on the water. Then we people watched on the boardwalk and had dinner with my best friend and her husband who live down the shore. A perfect day!!!

I will keep you updated on the Cyberknife as it proceeds.

Thanks all for your support and know that I am going to be asking you guys again for a donation for our LC walk for Lungevity on Nov. 1st. You are welcome to join in the walk and all the festivities if you live in the tri state area. This year it will be special as if you remember in the past I told you about Heather Saler who was the non-smoker who actually started the LC walk here in Jersey which spread throughout the United States. Heather lost her fight 2 months ago so this walk is dedicated to her. What a courageous soul!

Thank you all for your continued support. With Joel’s fighting attitude he will get through this hurdle and whatever the future brings his way.

FYI- Cyberknife is also done for Pancreatic and Liver cancer. Not Breast Cancer yet, as they feel the best way for that particular Cancer is the aggressive way they use now. But down the road this may be another option.

They use a technique called Gamma Knife which is basically the same kind of procedure for the brain cancer.

Will keep you posted on Joel’s progress.

Joel thanks you all for the B-day wishes.... it certianly was a happy one.

I will close with my late father’s saying…..

“Stay healthy and you’ll always be wealthy”

Maryanne & Joel

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This is indeed wonderful news and a very good birthday present :P I will continue to pray that cyberknife does zap the crap out of the little bugger causing all these issues. I am sorry that Joel will need chemo, but it sounds as if you have a great team of drs who are willing to communicate with each other in the best interest of their patients (and not their own egos). I will meet you at the PUB.

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Pub is open ~ so come one ~ come all. Not sure what Joel will have, but Maryanne, you want an apple martini? If not ~ you just name it. I can't wait to hear more about it Sept. 6. And tell Joel not to worry about the hair thing. Fred has none and never even had any chemo :roll::wink: !

Belated birthday wishes to Joel. Can't wait for an in-person hug. You guys so deserve this wonderful news.


Kasey ( Fred says not to forget him!)

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Maryanne and Joel, What wonderful news. Thanks for all the info on cyberknife. We can keep it on ice in case we need it in the future. I'll happily join you in the pub for a drink--red wine for me Kasey.

Can't remember if I noticed before you are in NJ. My husband and I are both from your neck of the woods and were in Mt Laurel during our recent stay in NJ.

Great to hear things turned out so well and looking forward to even greater news to come.

Judy in Key West

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Hi Maryann and Joel,

I am so happy that you have the CyberKnifre as an option for you and that everything is looking so great!! I will pray that it will all go as planned and that nodule will be blasted away when you finish. Hang on to that positive attitude...I am sure everything will work out just fine!!


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Hi Maryanne....I just read your post about Joel and cyberknife (sp)....I am so happy that everyone is so positive about it and Joel is a candidate...I wish you both the best of luck...especially 'the man' :-)

I haven't been on line to much and didn't know about Joel's nodule...and my heart is breaking cause I didn't know about Heather either....sigh...I am soo sad to hear this...She was a wonderful giving person and she will be missed...excuse my language but I HATE FRIGGIN C....just hate it!!!!!!!!!!!...and of course you can count on me for a donation...I wish I could be there to walk with you....I will be walking right here...

Happy belated B-Day to Joel.....


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