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Whew .... my latest results ....


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Hi all. Well, I can breathe for another six months. I just had a combination PET/CT for follow up (I insisted on the combo because it's been a while since I had a PET, I've been getting CT's for the last few years as follow up) and the report was all is good - still considered Cancer Free!

I feel so blessed again. I hope this gives hope to others. I was diagnosed with Stage 3a nsclc in 2000.

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Great news, Alisa. It's great to get confirmation that all remains well after so long, isn't it? BTW......I see the NYWalk is underway. I wish you guys lots of luck with it. Is Elise still working it? If so, let her know that Kasey from Lancaster was asking for her. Her dear mother lived right down the street from me and I talked to Elise on the phone.

How about a new pic of those twins, huh? They gotta be WAY bigger by now!!


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Thank you all so much for your responses and well wishes. It is starting to sink in now and I feel like celebrating!!!! I'm at work, but who cares, I feel like dancing ....

P.S. I'm working on updating my picture. My twins are now 19 years old and I'm lucky enough to be older myself!

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