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I met with the Oncologist today to get the results of my chest x-ray. NED!!!!!!! September will be my 2 year anniversary since lobectomy, so one more NED result and I graduate to 6 month test.

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Must be all the cold air your breathin in Bruce!! Froze that sucker right up!!!


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I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner.

Congratulations!! I'm so happy for this news!! Good things are happening for you all around!!!




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How did I ever let this news get my unnoticed?!?!? Wonderful to hear, Bruce. I bet you have your cap and gown all ready for your 'graduation' coming up real soon. Many folks here need to see that some of us are, indeed, surviving and living life. Let's continue to offer hope and - in the meantime for you Bruce a giant WOOHOO! Not even sure that's how to spell it, but you should get the idea that I'm real happy!


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We might want to plan the shower a bit sooner versus later. Because if it involves getting Bruce on a plane they might really wonder. And I suspect buffalo are a bit bigger than human babies and he might have to pay for more than 1 seat. Never mind twins! Way up north will never have had such news....and we were the first to know. Think of how famous we will all be! We can all go on a bus tour to celebrate and show off the new borns!

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