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My Dad Dx with Cancer


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Wasn't sure where to post this, so I felt general was best place.

Found out last week that my Dad has Prostate Cancer. I know it is

not lung cancer, but asking my lung cancer family for many prayers.

Waiting of first appointment with oncologist. As of right now the good news

is that my dad is very good about going for yearly appointmens.

Therefore cancer most likely has been caught very very early.

Thank you for letting me post in our forum.

Prayers to everyone as always.

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So sorry to hear about your Dad.

My husband was dx three and a half years ago at age 63, he had a laproscopic prostatectomy straight away and has been cancer free ever since. He had also been good about his PSA test so like your Dad it was early days.

At the time we also remembered all the reports of men who had prostate cancer at autopsy but had died of something else - usually old age!!

I shall keep you all in my thoughts and hope for the best outcome.


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Sayin prayers for Dad Deb... IF it helps, Debs brother is around 10+ years out with his. I did not know it until he told me 1 day!!! Never would have guessed !!!!

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Debbie, many healing thoughts coming your Dad's way. I'm sure it will be early and the outcome positive. My first reaction though was you should not have to be dealing with a loved one with cancer so soon again. It's got to be scary. I'm am really sorry. Keep us posted, o.k.

Judy in Key West

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