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Christmas Eve w/ Radiology Oncologist; a plan of attack!!


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Hello all and hope everyone has a happy and joyous Holiday!! :)

Just left my new radiology oncologist, I like this guy! :) We don't agree on follow-up care for LC patients but we do agree on taking curative measures and being very agressive with my 2 new unwanted friends - Frick & Frack :x By the way, they are small, about 6mm or approx. 3/8" and are causing no apparent symptoms. None of this still explains the back pain but we are also going to dig into that a bit deeper. :)

So as of now the plan is to have a PET scan next week, just to rule out any metobolic cancer activity, he does not believe as does my medical oncologist that he'll find any, but it should be done to make sure. I'm also being scheduled to see a neurosurgeon and a radiology dr. specializing in sterotactic radiosurgery. That will be either at Sloan Kettering in NY or at Overlook hospital in Northern NJ. I have to speak to my Insurance Co. about it but I'm learning towards MSKI.

As for a treatment plan; he does not want to do whole brain radiation and recommends stereotactic radiosurgery followed up with a preventative measure of low dose brain radiation. I spoke to him about the newer brain chemo drugs and he felt that the tumors would be taken care of without them but will consider it based on any later changes or opinions. I also want to give a big THANK YOU to the " educators " on the board, you know who you are,( John, Jim, Sam Judy Fay and the many other's), It's just so important to be informed. So thanks again!!

Bottom line is that I feel real good about how things are coming along and feel confident that we can " wack - Frick and Frack" :shock::)

God bless us all; and may they cure this SOB!!l

Bobmc- NSCLC- stageIIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

MRI's taken 12/18 - 2 brain mets found- named em Frick & Frack

"Absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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That sounds like a great plan. I, along with so many others apparently, have so much confidence in you and your ability to beat this all back@!!!!!

May you have a Merrier Christmas with this news and a solid plan in place. I will be rooting for you.....


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Bob, am so glad things seem to be working out great for you again. After getting all this accomplished today it won't be long and your new enemy's Frick and Frack will no longer be around. Were will you be going on vacation after this procedure. Hope it will be a little easier then the lung vacation.

Isn't it funny how different onc think. when they found buddy with 3 mets to the brain, they wanted whole head radiation first then RFA only if they ever showed their ugly faces again. Their thought was that if there were any others not showing in the scan then the whole head would take care of them the first time around. I hope someday to try and figure all this out. There sure arn't any standard procedures under lc.

YOu and your family have as merry a Christmas as the rest of us can and sometimes that is not to easy as we all know. God Bless

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Having a plan in place has to feel good and free up some emotional space to better enjoy Christmas...although I know you would anyway, because enjoying every single day is part of your personal philosophy!

Sounds like you and the new Dr. are on a wave-length.

Rooting for you to demolish Frick and Frack, good buddy!

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How wonderful that you could go into the Holiday knowing you have a plan! A great plan! Sounds like he is very optomistic that all will be gone. Have a Merry Christmas , enjoy! Donna G

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Hey Bob!!

Don't know if you are aware of this, but i've just come off of 10 days of WBR. It went rather well...very few side effects. Some memory loss, loss of my hair (scalp only) and of course quite a bit of fatigue and nausea.

In my case this will be followed up on the 15th by Radiostatic Surgery. Their line of thought is that WBR will get rid of anything that might be out there but microscopic in nature and the stereotactic surgery will zero in on the two lesions they did find and obliterate them :-).

Stay tuned...will update on the Stereotactic Surgery once completed.

Hang in there Bob..

God Bless us All!!

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