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358 Days Post RUL Lobectomy - Diamond Head


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I convinced my wife to hike up Diamond Head Volcano in Oahu yesterday.  First I didn’t see any diamonds.  Second it has been dormant for 150,000 years.  Can you call a lake a lake if it hasn’t had any water in it for 150,000 years?   What about a volcano that doesn’t have any lava?  Anyway that’s not the point.  The point is 358 days after I had my upper right lobe removed via lobectomy I hiked to the top of a volcano.  It’s not a big volcano, but it’s a volcano.     760’ at the highest peak.  We were told it would be about a half hour to get to the top.  My brain said we’d be there in 20 minutes.  45 minutes later we made it to the top.  About 15 minutes in I got scared.  The feeling that maybe I shouldn’t be doing this, maybe I couldn’t, set in.  My brain isn’t use to telling my body to pace itself.  It just runs off up a volcano without a thought in the world.  But then my body tells my brain that I need to slow down and pace myself.  There were some spots that added to my concern.  I got short of breath and had to stop a few times.  About two thirds of the way up there is a 225’ long walking tunnel.  The air felt kind of tight in there.  Maybe it was just Claustrophobia. As soon as I got out of the tunnel I was confronted with 99 steps, felt more like a ladder.  After that a few flights of spiral stairs in an old military concrete building.  Then the final 76 steps to the top.  Most people say the view at the top is worth the effort.  For me the view was secondary to the accomplishment I felt getting up there at all.  

If I can do it so can you. Mahalo!




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You’re a good man Charlie Brown!  Tooling around volcanoes one year after the “big” event. This sure beats the deck power washing celebration by a million miles!  Rock on my “little brother!”   GO CURT GO!  Awesome!!  

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Awesome Curt! I had to stop a million times on that hike and I have all of my lung lobes! -It may have been partially due to the several Mai Tai's I had the night before, but this hike is not for the weary! Great job! And no matter how hard the journey was, the view is worth it!

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