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Welcome Back Ry


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Hope this post finds that you have already come home and not having to eat any more hospital food... Here's pulling for ya and that you'll be back to your self soon and heading out the Diet Club soon. I need help, eating everything in site. Thank goodnes the wallpaper is pasted down. Think I'm kidding. Just ask Dean Carl, Gay, Cathy R and Margaret. We all had dinner together Saturday and I ate everything in site. We had a wonderful dinner (at a great restaurant Dean suggested in the San Diego area) and great conversation. It was awesome, nice to put real personalities with a face...

Looking forward to your posts,

Blessings and prayers,


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I hope you're getting better and ready to come home.

Please feel better soon....

Karen and the rest of the crew -- it is a delight to meet people for a nice dinner like that, just proves there are faces to match with the names.

Ry, when you DO get home, I'll be ready to party.



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Ok, start the party. :P

I got home tonight about 6:30. I thought they'd never let me out of there. I was all set to go and then they had to change my antibiotic order because there is a shortage of penicillion. It is nice to be home, even if I do have a picc line in my arm. I now have my very own IV pole which I'm sure will be a nice plant hanger when I'm done with it. What do you say Fay, got any great Martha Stewart ideas on how to make use of an IV pole?

Thank you all for your good wishes, thoughts, cards, flowers, and PM's. David A, thanks for sharing your sister Patti with me. Can I keep her? You have plenty.

Hoping to get my feet back under me soon. Thanks everybody. I'll see you in chat on Tues.


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So glad you are home! We missed you a bunch. You gave us a little scare. The IV pole should really come in handy dandy to dry various asundry langerie garments... You could put all your "honey do" post it notes on it, not to mention decorate for numerous holidays...like May Pole Day, Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree, and especially Connie B's Flag Pole idea!

Anyway, Glad you and your IV pole are home!!!


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So glad to see you are home. We sure have missed you! As for the I.V. pole.....I like the idea of hanging your laundry on it.....hey.....how about when one of the kids get too rowdy, you could hang them by their t-shirts on one of the hooks........nah......sounds too harsh for the kids. It might work for the hubby though. :twisted: (or it might work for one of you friends here.......we won't mention names.......David A.) Glad your home!!


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