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Maybe the Other Shoe WON'T Fall


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Maybe its the spring air, maybe its the fact that my latest tests were all okay... whatever it is, I am starting to feel that maybe, just maybe, I WILL be okay after all.

I feel bad saying that after the week that we have had on here but somehow I have gotten some hope. I am starting to feel alive again... and thinking that life may be possibility after all. I think I am finally learning to stop waiting for something bad to happen..not all the time..but here and there.

I typed this with my fingers crossed so I don't jinx myself... :shock:

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I've learned it gets very tiring waiting for the other shoe to drop--and then I've missed a lot of living while I'm waiting. I have times when I am sure the shoe will drop, and I just sit and obsess over it.

Then that time passes, and I move on.

Keep up the good fight there girl!!!


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Hi Debi,Nice picture and it is good to see you smiling.Glad your last tests came out good and I'm sure they will continue to do so.I think it's O>K> to look over your shoulder( i do too.) but it feels so great to enjoy every day and being alive and planning on what to do tomorrow and next week and etc.Sounds like mabe your getting things in balance.GOOD JOB.


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I can't imagine anyone here who would think ill of you for thinking that you are going to be okay. Not this week.....not after this past week...not any week.

I'll tell you the truth....after the Month we had around here I really NEEDED to hear from someone who is doing well and is optimistic about the future. So I thank you...and I'm keeping things crossed for all of us, you included.

Much Affection,

Fay A.

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Hey Deb, cute picture! Spring has always been the season of hope, so here you are, right on cue! I'm so glad you can think positive again.

Took me months of seeing a therapist, but I felt so much better once I was able to realize that I can only control a certain amount of things, and others are out of my control. That was huge in my beginning to feel better and more optimistic.

I do everything I possibly can to stay healthy--exercise, eat right, don't smoke and stay out of smoky rooms, take supplements, get enough rest, and work hard enough to be able to rest. I also keep up with all my doctor's appointments, which is a project, but like someone else said, it's the price we pay for being alive.

After that, it's all out of my control. Yeah, I sure do have plenty of days where I feel like I walk around with an anvil over my head, but you know what, no one knows how long they have. I try not to jinx myself either, but I just got done redecorating two bathrooms at my house and am making plans to redo the kitchen this fall!

Sure am glad to hear you feeling good though!

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Hi Deb--

I felt the same way when I hit the one year mark. I couldn't believe it, and as I hadn't looked any further than that, I kinda was puzzled....

"guardedly optimistic" is a good word choice, so start off that way....

miracles do happen. People do go into full remission with NED which could be considered even a "cure" (I don't want to jinx myself with that word... lol).

Aint' it grand to be alive??



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Dear Debi

glad that all your tests are fine---and you know what---you are going to be ok!!!!!!

You have an excellent chance of the cancer not coming back!!!

So enjoy your Spring :lol::lol::lol:

best wishes

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Debi, I don't know how I missed this post but saw it today.

We must all live for today for you have heard this and said this a thousand times also, - - no one knows tomorrow.

We all, with or without cancer in our bodies, cannot read the future. All we can do is enjoy the day and plan for tomorrows outings. If we don't get there tomorrow we sure as heck won't know it now will we....

Just get your bag packed and ready for our trip.

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