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My Mother has enter the gates of Heaven


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Sorry to all of you that I have not been online in such a while, I just lost my Mom on Saturday night at 10PM to sclc. She fought to the last breath, but couldn't battle the cancer, it took control.

Thanks so much for your support, please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers this week.

I will post more later as to my Mom's recent history.

Love you all, may God touch each of your lives and bless each one of you, as he has me, with a loving and caring, wonderful mother, I will miss her dearly and continue to love her so.


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I'm so very sorry - I truly am. I wish I had magic words of comfort for you but I don't. Your Mom fought a good fight and I know you must have been a tremendous source of support, care and love for her. I'm sure you were a wonderful daughter and that she was grateful for your presence.

May God keep your Mom in His care and wrap His arms around you and give you strength and courage while you deal with your grief.

God bless you.

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[[[[[[[[[bethAnn]]]]]]]]]] --

My sincere hope for peace and His comfort for you with your most terrible of losses. I am so so very sorry. You are blessed, really -- to have this wonderful forum and all of its people, to come to~..

You and your mother, are in my prayers.



Husb. diag. 12/03 w/SCLC Stage 4

Primary lung with mets to spine, liver,l marrow

13 weeks of campo/Taxol; minimal shrinkage

Developed Neuropathy mid-April

Switched to CPT-11, low platelets but forged ahead~

Feeling pretty good today~

Went to work first time in 3 weeks!~ Home now half-day

and sleepng tiredly.

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