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Guest KellyB

Hello to all...I have been gone for a while. It was a very difficult time and my family was in such sadness, I never had a moment to type with all that was happening. My Dad had a very quick decline. He actually passed way on May 22. I am thankful he did not suffer long. He had recently seen his oncologist and pulmonologist and neither predicted his upcoming demise.

I sadly watched as his zest for life disappeared and my 2 sisters and I stayed and helped my dear mother take care of him. The last week he no longer ate or took medicine. The Iressa had really taken it's toll , the side effects were horrible. He went from the o2 to the bipap back to the o2. I prayed for God to take him for the suffering and struggle were too much to bear.

I used to read all the stories of the other loved ones who passed and never thought I could face the concept. However, life must go on and although I miss him every minute, I hated seeing the struggle for every breath.

On Friday May 21st after a very declining week my father waited for my brother to arrive from PA at midnight, we sang songs, prayed and relived our fondest memories holding hands and crying until about 3am, we lit candles, a priest came to visit at 1:45am and we sat peacefully watching him. The wonderful Hospice nurse came in and dispensed some meds to help him relax... we shut the lights and he passed peacefully in his sleep at 3:30am. ALthough still dark , we heard birds singing like crazy outside the window.

I wake up and still cannot believe he is gone. My 3 girls are really doing ok(better than me!) and even though they miss Grandpa, thay are what keeps me going. I was so worried about them, he has babysat for 9 years!

My father's funeral was so beautiful. We filled two rooms with pictures and memories, each of my siblings and myself spoke and we had a big party at my house afterwards. My father requested a celebration of life with good food, drink,music and happiness until sunset, that is what we did.

This site helped us along the journey and I pray for a cure to this dreadful disease. I will post a tribute to my Dad asap I wish all well.

with regards.... Kelly B.

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Kelly, I wasn't yet a member when you went missing due to your father's decline....but please accept my sincere sympathies on such a difficult loss.

The tribute and celebration of your dad's life sounds as though it was meaningful for your family and I'm sure your dad was there, watching it all approvingly.

I hope that time and all the wonderful memories you have will bring comfort.

Again...I'm so sorry.

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I too joined after you left, but I wanted to add my condolences to those of others. Your family sounds as if they did it the right way and I'm sure your dad would have loved the way you "saw him out". Keep on living in that spirit and he won't be forgotten.


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Dear Kelly,

I am so so sorry for the loss of your beloved father. Sounds like the memorial service was a wonderful tribute to a loving and devoted man. I know what is like to feel a huge void, so I am wishing you some peace and comfort during this difficult time.

Hugs and blessings,

Andrea B.

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