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Update on DavidC


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In case you haven't seen it, Karen posted an update about David this morning in the General forum (the "bone scan" post). They are seeing the radiation oncologist this morning to learn more about what it is that's showing up in the scan of his head, and what needs to be done about it.

I just wanted to enlist the power of all your good thoughts and prayers for him and Karen and Faith -- and the medical team. I'm sure David or Karen will post another update soon.

Please pray for my little brother!!!

Thank you, all,


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They absolutely have my prayers and ALL positive wishes and thoughts. I had a couple of lovely emails from Karen recently...and this is distressing news....but yet I believe in the power of all our prayers AND in Karen and David's positive and united approach! Whatever this is...they will knock it out of the ballpark!

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Gosh, you guys, this is awesome! I have chills reading all your posts!

I posted an update to the update this morning on the bone scan thread under General. I won't repeat it all here, but just want to say I sure do hope it's just a glitch. Whatever it is, it's got everyone stumped for the time being, so it's not obvious that it's awful.

the thing is, there are two big reasons its important to me that Dave is alright. First of all, because I NEED him to stick around and help me raise Faith and I don't want to be lonely the rest of my life! And secondly, I do think that how well he has done can be and probably is an aspiration to folks newly diagnosed, especially with SCLC, and that he is a good example of how this beast can be beaten back. So I would be so disappointed if he/we are not able to offer that hope up to others.

Thanks for everyone's prayers and good vibes.

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