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"We are pleased with you"


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Earl had a follow up appt. with his thoracic surgeon the a.m. He told us there was no sign of disease and said "We are pleased with you". Are these wonderful words or what?

Earl's surgeon, oncologist and radiation onc. are all at Fox Chase Cancer Center. They take a team approach to treatment and I have found they are all better safe than sorry doctors.

Earl will still have the last two taxotere treatments, considered preventative. I asked the dr. about the report from the onc. meeting this week about the increased survival rate for patients having chemo after surgery. He said they have been tracking that since the late 70's at Fox Chase and have seen no scientific data to support that. But he did say that he was glad Earl was doing it since he seemed healthy enough to endure it and that it couldn't hurt.

Also, this x-ray to CT debate. The dr. said come back in 4 months with an x-ray. I said please can we have a CT scan. He said Yes but said that really the x-ray and the consultation with the patient would be enough data to know if the LC had returned. But again it goes to my satisfaction with Fox Chase, that he gave me the Rx for the CT scan. (Earl wasn't happy, he would rather have the x-ray - no needles). Too bad my dear, I want you around for a long, long time.

I told Earl that his chemo should be over by 7/14 and that he did not have another drs. appt until 9/30. So hopefully we will enjoy our summer. No plans for vaca since Earl is still weak and dizzy, but we see improvement here daily.

I wish you all this good news.

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FANTASTIC !!!! :D:D:D YES, The " DUKE March's on ", :lol::lol:

Ginny & Earl, enjoy your summer!!!, soooo happy for ya!!!

Gog bless and be well

Bobmc - NSCLC - stage IIB - left pneumonectomy- 5/02/01

" absolutelu insist on enjoying life today!"

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