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Michigan Bash Group Picture


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WOW! :D Looks like you had such fun! . Next one I am going! Even if I have to call in sick because it's my weekend to work. ( Please don't tell) I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the pictures and hearing more stories. Thanks so much for sharing. Donna G

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What a great looking group! I'd like to second the suggestion that names be added. There are several I can't put names to.

Looks like you all had a wonderful time. And how generous of you, Ry & hubby, to host the whole group! I like the young man's t-shirt - a new slogan for the group, perhaps?

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Can you tell us (left to right) who they are? I can only figure out 4 or 5 of them. Is the guy in front (second from left) David A. with his mom to his right (our left)?

Which one is Mr. Ry? Is he the one on the blue shirt on the front row? There are some others, too, that I can't figure out.



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Lets see. People on the left are Davids sisters (Patti and Dede) and his BIL. His mom is next to him in front. Next is Sandy w/ the dog, Cathy and her husband, Snowflake with son in front and hubby Mark behind her, me in the middle, Katie in front in pink, Rachel in black, John next to Katie, Joe B and wife Gina in back row, Lisa O with her daughters in front and Caitlin on the end.

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Missing names from Ry's post (except David's BIL, I don't remember his name..)

Cathy's hubby is Mark

Lisa O's hubby is Barry (not shown) and her girls are Kristin and Leah (and I KNOW I keep spelling that wrong, sorry)

Sandy's dog is Princess

Dragon Slayer goes by Andrew, his shirt says "CANCER SUCKS"

Not pictured (besides Barry) is Jillian...or maybe she was just moving too fast for the camera to catch her! :wink:

No brownies were harmed in this taping...but many, many were consumed (argh!).

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Okay, left to right, by head placement:


DavidA's BIL, Patti & Dede (DavidA's sisters), Sandy, Mark (Cathy's husband), Cathy, Andrew (my boy - the Dragon Slayer), Me, Mark (Cookieman - my husband), Rochelle, Rachel, Joe B., Gina (Joe B.'s wife), Lisa O., Caitlin (John & Rochelle's daughter).


Princess (Sandy's dog), DavidA's mom, David A, KatieB, John (Mr. Ry), Kristin & Leah (Lisa O.'s daughters)

Not pictured:

Jillian and Tyler (John and Rochelle's other kiddos)

Barry (Lisa O.'s husband)

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Wow, I basically figured everybody out except 14 or 15 of David A's clan.

Katie is such a teeny weeny little thing especially considering this huge load we place on her shoulders.

I am still green with envy at ya'll getting to meet each other. In so many important ways we are family. We have probably opened ourselves up more to each other than to our biological families.

Let's shoot for 10 years from now when we rent the Astrodome for a reunion of all of us - SURVIVORS.

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