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Up On Bruce


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I took him to the E.R tonight around 7:00 pm and he was throwing up, headache, and dizzy, he had a fever of 101. They took all kinds of blood work and chest x ray at almost 10:45 they came back in and said they were going to admitt him, so he is in the hospitol :( shoud just be in there for a couple of days they said it is a little pnumoinia. And he told me to come home and post this and if I did'nt not to come back.

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Tell Bruce I am thinking of him and wishing him well. Man, he will do ANYTHING for attention.... :roll:

You may want to take the time to rest up since I'm sure he will want to be going to DollyWood when he gets out...

Seriously, give him HUGE get well wishes from Okahoma and if I can do anything, let me know!

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Thanks for letting us know about Bruce and let him know Elaine is praying for him! With Bruce MIA for a couple of days, the women are sure to win Sept, so tell Bruce to start working on Oct jokes cos the men are going to need his help BIG time--especially seeing what they have been posting lately!!!

love and fortitude


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