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Brother in hospital


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My brother Rod is not doing well. He was admitted to the hospital through the E.R. last night. Doc told my sister-in-law its just a matter of time now. He has pneumonia and has a very hard time breathing. He had started Iressa but it seems that since that day things went down hill for him.

Please keep him in your prayers.

Thank You,


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Thank you all so much. Today was a little better for him but it is not looking good at all. He wants to go home but my sister-in-law said something about not being able to take him home until his oxygen intake gets to a certain level and it is nowhere near the required reading.

He has said his good-byes to his sons and his daughter and other members of my family including my poor dad. He has not said goodbye to my mom who is always at his side - I think he finds that extremely difficult.

He is one of my older brothers always a wonderful big brother to me. Always so strong, positive, and a great sense of humor. Seeing him suffering so much breaks my heart. It is so hard. Today he said to me "There is nothing else they can do for me" and then he tried to hold back tears. I had never seen him cry before, ever. It hurts so much. I know he is suffering a lot but I still don't want to lose him.

They have tried antibiotics and so far he is not responding. His oxygen is coming through a mask that covers his nose and mouth and even with that he still struggles with his breathing. His chest rises and falls you can see that its hard work for him to breathe, and he is very tired. He is on morphine every 4 hours.

It is so hard to go through the day doing everyday things and thinking that he is in that hospital fighting for every breath he takes.

Thanks again for your prayers and I ask you all to continue praying for him.

You are all in my prayers,


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