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3 Years and Still Going Strong


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With the end of September, I am now a 3 year survivor of NSCLC. It has been an eventful 3 years. Surgery in October 2001, again in September 2002, re-staged to Stage IV April 2003 (mets to lymphatic system), chemo (carbo/taxol) from May-September 2003, liver mets in November 2003, clinical trial for 6 weeks December - January 2003 (terminated due to side effects), January 2004 - all is stable, stability from January - September 2004 (9 months and still counting).

During this time I have met very wonderful people, through this website, face to face support groups, via email and phone calls, and through other websites.

I have been involved in local news reports and made an ad for lung cancer last November along with other lc survivors. In November, I will be included in the lead story for Madison Magazine, Madison, WI.

Three years ago, after investigating lung cancer on the internet, I never believed that I would be alive now. I never expected to be involved in news about lung cancer, nor was I ever seeking this type of notice. As things developed, I realized that I was better off than others, and because of so few people speaking up about lung cancer, I decide to take advantage of this and become a proactive advocate.

I am a "charter member" of the Lung Cancer Support and Advocacy Group, University of Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Center. I have started, along with the backing of the local hospital, a local lung cancer support group in the community in which I live. I played a role in this website, along with many other lung cancer survivors, and now co-own another for lung cancer support. I have made long time friends through several websites.

I want to thank all the people who have offered support, when it was needed. I have done all the above for the sake of lung cancer and have acheived no personal gain out of any of this, other than the friends.

To all those who are new to this disease, there are many here who are long term survivors, longer than I, especially Connie, who was, and still is (in the background), my lung cancer mentor. Connie was one of the first lung cancer survivors I becames friends with, shortly after my diagnosis and first surgery. Her phone calls and emails were greatly, and still are, appreciated. Her survivorship gave the much needed inspiration to survive. She continues to provide this same inspiration to many others.

So, as Bob Hope used to sing "Thanks for the Memories".

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Your story brings hope to many who otherwise didnt have any....I remember searching the internet when my dear dad was first diagnosed and couldnt find anything until I stumbled on to your story..Although my dad lost his battle, having hope is what made the fight bearable for him...

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Your 3 yr struggle has been a brave one Dave. And your participation in these support groups warrants praise and lots of special thank you's!!! Congats to you for fighting the good fight!! Catch us again next year....same time/same place....same message!!

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Oh Dave!! A big huge Congrats to you!!!!! You have been a big support to me and to many and your efforts in raising the awareness of our situation has been far above and beyond anything most of us could ever dream of accomplishing. Heres to you and three cheers fo you-Hip, Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!! I hope and pray you have many more Three year anniversaries.

David C

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