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Cat update


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sending in pallitative care

possible rental hospital bed

arranging trandportation

daughter desperately wants to be here

but could jeapordize shaky job

if cat's daughter ever finds this place please welcome her with love

she deserves and needs it

i'm not giving up

just wanted you to know

they gently hinted to get my sister awaw frm me asap

same thinh mother was told

i'm still fighting

just resting for a while


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Hi Cat

Thanks for posting an update. I am glad that there will be someone helping to take care of you (I guess the sister didn't work out??!!).

Stay strong and never stop believing you can beat this. And of course your daughter will be welcomed with open arms - she is family too!!! Please encourage her to drop in!



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Dear Cat,

I got your E mail and wish we could talk but know how tired you are right now. If your Sister is hindering your health then get her out of there!!! You know without asking that your Daughter will always be welcome here and I wish she would jump online and come and meet us all. I would love to meet her. Please also as I told you in the E mail, give her my phone # in case you should need any kind of hospitalization and she can let me know and I will be sure to pass it on here where all that love and support you are.

I am assuming since we have not talked this week that you have begun your WBR and that has made you so tired. I have no idea the effects that has on a person. I DO know however you told us this past weekend that you were gonna fight this with all you have and we wont settle for less!!! We love you Cat, are praying for you and want our Cat back on board telling us she is feeling GREAT!!

God Bless You Cat,


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