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Hi All :-),

First of all, may I wish a very sincere welcome to all of those who have signed on in the past few months. I come here every day but for a variety of reasons do not respond very often. Happy that you are here and I know what a benefit it will be to you.

I have carried this disease since Fall of 003. My bio below is sooooo out of date so I will catch you all up to speed. After the steretactic surgery, we turned our attention to chemo to the chest and gland. I did 3 sessions and I was about to tell the doctor that I needed a break, but to my surprise and pleasure, he said no problem, he was about to take me off of it anyway.One thing did remain however and that was pain. With a view to ridding ourselves of this, I underwent surgery to my spine where we had previously radiated and after a short while the pain was just about gone if not altogether. The theory was that what was left of the tumour was pressing on the nerves causing the pain.

Last week I underwent a series of CT Scans from head to pelvis. I wouldn't be nervous about that except that I'm experiencing similar symptons that I once did and those led to brain mets. I've convinced myself that they are BACK!!

I see the doctor tomorrow and would ask for your prayers that I'm totally wrong about my self-prognosis. Scary Time!!!

Thanks for listening and once again, welcome here, we are happy to have you and hope you will stay.

God Bless Us All,


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I think of you often and am glad to see your post!!!

Of course I will be sending positive thoughts and vibes your way as you await your scan results. Always a stressful time, but remember that we have put our bodies through the ringer, and perhaps these aches and pains that you are having are just a result of the wear and tear......



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We all worry while waiting for those test results and imagine all kinds of things that may show up. Please try not to worry until there is something to worry about! It is good to hear from you and I am sending positive thoughts and prayers your way for good results. Please keep us posted.


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