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I am a little worried

Remembering Dave

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Yes, I am a little worried which some of you may know means a lot since I really try to be Mr. Positive. I have been having cramps for the past couple of days and they have kept me up at night. If you have read "my story" then you remember that leg cramps was how I was originally diagnosed back in March of 2003. The cramps are caused by a condition called SAIDH which is caused by SCLC in which causes low sodium in the blood which causes the cramps and can lead to a coma if not treated. Now last week I did do a little more physically than normal but not enough to cause this amount of cramping, all over my body. I have a Chest and Head CT scan tomorrow and I am going to call my Onc. and demand a blood workup to check my sodium level in my blood. I will keep you all informed as I find out what is going on, In the meantime please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. You are all in my prayers everyday.

David C

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Sorry to hear about the cramps you're having. It's good you're going to get right to the Dr. though and hopefully have it successfully treated. People like us who have these chronic health issues really are right in going to the doctor when we sense something is wrong. Better to check things out. I'll be praying for you Dave. Please let us know.


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Sodium level is a tricky thing, huh. Mine was 119 when I was diagnosed last year -- a little more and I'd have been "off my feet" as the doc said - meaning coma. I have it checked every time I go in now -- about every 4-6 weeks to make sure. Have had no more problems with it, but you never know.

My best to you through your tests. Take care.


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Yes, you are Mr Positive most of the time so it is time for us to be positive for you. Prayers are on the way that this is just from overdoing etc. Hope you feel better soon. Will wait to see your post in the good news section. Lord knows, you deserve some good news for a change.


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Yup....I'd insist the doc check those sodium levels immediately!

Now...don't know if you've ever asked the doc about this, OR if it would apply in your case....but my hubby gets awful cramps at night sometimes and for a while he was on quinine. That helped but I think it was prescription. But then his 83 y/o mother who also gets cramps, said her doctor put her on calcium, magnesium and zinc and VOILA....no more leg cramps!

Hubby is using it....and NO MORE LEG CRAMPS.

I know your situation is a bit different, David....but ask your doc about this anyway, will you? It's OTC stuff....you can get the cal/mag/zinc all in one tablet....and maybe it'll work for you?

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Addie - if it's not his sodium level we'll get those tablets. Unfortunately, the only time he's had cramps like that was because of his lung tumor. so yes, I am scared, too, really scared, especially since Dave has expressed his fear.

He called the onco doc and asked them to order blood work be done while he's at the hospital today getting his scans.

I have been sick all weekend - my cold got worse and by Sat. eve. I had a fever, chills - that has passed now, but I have lost my voice and I slept in the recliner last night b/c laying down made me cough and I didn't want to disturb Dave, so I am tired. and when I'm tired I don't handle this stuff so well.

I sure hope I'm making a trip to the drugstore to buy some supplements, Addie!


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