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Hi everyone. I have a moment and wanted to post a quick update and check in on everyone else. Last time I posted we were trying to identify the source of Bill's pain and were considering the possibility that it was a side effect of his antibiotic...not so. He had some scans on Monday and his check-up on Tuesday resulted in his admission to the hospital. We are home this morning. Bone scans indicate that we are dealing with a bone met in the rib cage along with a fractured rib due to severe coughing. That said, the radiologist was quick to say that the bone scan isn't "conclusive" regarding a bone met and we'll have to compare to a future scan to be sure; net...no answers there. On to his next problem...pleural effusion causing shortness of breath and a rapid heart beat. The echo on the heart showed very little fluid, enough to diagnose as pleural effusion, but not enough to warrant any procedure to drain; net...no answers there. And finally; his liver count was "extremely concerning" to his oncologist...270 I think he said and had been slowing increasing over the past 4 weeks. The oncologist said he was very worried that Bill had a liver met. During his admission they did an ultrasound of the liver and much to everyone's surprise, the liver looked okay, despite the fact that everything else was screaming "Liver Met". His count was high, he was presenting some symptoms of jaundice and had severe abdominal pain; net...still could have a liver met that is developing deep inside the liver and not detectible with the ultrasound or CT scans...YET. So, here we sit, home from the hospital and a miserable week with NO ANSWERS and the now infamous but expected words..."We'll have to wait and see". I was a little taken back by the oncology team prior to admission. They pulled me aside and encouraged me to rally some support from our families and prepare myself that the road ahead was about to get very rough and that Bill was going to begin rapidly deteriorating. They said that if we are dealing with a liver met, he would probably only have three months left. It was hard to hear and even harder to share with my husband, but I had promised to not keep ANYTHING from him. He took it well, much better than I and is determined yet again to prove them all wrong! And if three months is all the time we have left, then it will be the most beautiful and precious three months of our lives.

That is where I have been, a bit preoccupied but trying to log on and read when I can. Thrilled to hear everyone's GREAT news and feeling the pain with those not getting good news. ALL along, praying for all of you AND my husband!

Love to all of you!

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Hi Beth,

I got your PM, and prayers are still headed your way. Hang in there!

I'm with Don. Are they so focused on cancer that they aren't considering other things, i.e., hepatitis, gall bladder, pancreas. I don't think a metastasis can be so "deep in the liver" that a PET scan wouldn't see it, but I don't know for sure. If you've seen PET scan films, they see right through everything and they are three dimensional, so they can see from all angles. It's like spinning your body around in a circle and seeing right through it. It's not flat-looking like an x-ray or CT film. I'm leaning toward thinking something else could be going on or should at least be ruled out.

Is there any way you can approach that with the doctors?

Love and hugs,


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Something just doesn't seem right there. It is so frustrating to find out what the problem is, but at least you can proceed from there with treatment. But to not really know...that is crazy. There are so many deseases in the liver, they have to study them and rule them out first.

Can you get another opinion? Somewhere, maybe one of those big hospitals. I don't like that 3 month thing. Sounds like they may be giving up and they don't even know what exactly what the heck is going on.

Prayers for a speedy result!!


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Its a shame cancer has so few clear and clean answers. Even more of a shame when our lives are so dependent upon those very questions and answers. It sounds like your medical team is pretty thorough and is working hard to help your Bill...that is the most important thing. Good luck to you both and please keep posting and sharing. As always...we are all in this fight together....And most of us kick and scream every step of the way.

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I am curious why they thought a met to the liver would mean that he only had a few months-

When my father was dx. he had liver mets. Chemo worked to shrink and eliminate a few- they remained stable the entire length of his disease.

His liver never failed him and it was always thought of as secondary.

Of course everyone is different and it all depends on size and liver function- but the liver repairs itself-

Hope that offers some hope.

I'm sending loads and loads of prayers.

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I don't get it either. I am thinking of SDianneB that had that horrible gall bladder problem for months that went undiagnosed. Many times gall bladder problems turn you yellow. Maybe you should post this in "Ask the Experts" and see what they say.

I am glad you posted an update. Let us know how it goes.

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for what its worth and I know every case is different. My mother in law had liver cancer and they gave her 3 months.... she lived 3 years.... DON'T ever take what they say to you and put it in stone.....I am praying for both of you.... Love, Sharon

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Dear Beth,

My heart goes out to you and Bill. This is such a very tough thing to have to go through.You both have such courage and really deserve a break. I will be sending positive vibes for better news for Bill and strength for you both.Paddy

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