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Father in Law passed Saturday.


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we lost my Father in Law on Saturday. He went very quickly and without details. Not so peacefully.

His battle is over and again we are back into not only grieving, but utter HATE of cancer.

It feels like cancer has a vendetta against me but its too chicken to hit me but takes all the people around me.

I have skipped right over grief and am well into RAGE against cancer.

enough is enough.

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Shelly, sorry for the loss of your FIL. You are right, your family has been devestated with so much grief from this horrific desease.

Do not let it get to you. I know you are the one who has gone through all of this torture and I would feel the same as you. But you have to take care of yourself so these thing will not get to you.

We all have to fight and to let the public know, this cannot go on we have to get early detection for this monster. It just cannot keep claiming lives like it has.

Please accept my condolences to your husband and his family. I pray for strength for you and them during these difficult times ahead.


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Right - ENOUGH! You have had YOUR share plus more. I am praying for you strength to crawl out from under the control of this horrendous disease and be able to live freely. You deserve much love and happiness -nothing else. So MANY positive thoughts coming your way!


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Shellie, I wish there was something I could say or do that would take the hurt away or make it better but there isn't. I feel so bad for you, and for your husband and their whole entire family. this is just awful. please take care of yourselves, and TRUST IN THE LORD as He is the only one who will get you through this.

Lots of love,


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Dear Shelly,

I am so sad to read this bad news. You poor dear. You are way too young to have had so much in such a short time. Usually these things are more spread out over our lives.

I, too, have had a lot of losses in my life, but not all at once like you have. They haven't all been from the same disease, a couple from cancer, and the rest from other diseases, but all just as devastating. To have so much happen in such a short period of time would knock anybody on their butt.

Hang in there, honey. Better days are ahead.

Love and prayers,


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Shelly I am so sorry for your most recent loss. It seems sometimes like certain families are targeted for tragedy. I pray this is the last loss you will have for many many years and the very last you suffer because of this beast. :!:

As the others have said it is time for someone to set up and take notice and do more to prevent this monster from growing more. There has to be a way to find more of the causes and ways to control this beast. Seems that somehow LC always gets lost in the shuffle when research and new treatments are needed most.

Again my heart goes out to you and your family. Lillian

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