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Update on mom


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Hello everyone and thanks for all of the support when I spaz out!! We met with mom's radiosurgeon today to find out that the SRS kind of DID WORK, whereas her oncodoc said it was not successful. Of the 4 mets that were treated, 3 are smaller and "dying" and one is gone. So, that was GREAT news for us, we cried right there!! Unfortunately, there is a new 4mm lesion, but they are goiong to treat it with SRS, since it has some effectiveness with her. She is a new person today, feels great and is very positive. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all of your prayers!!Love, Lori

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This is great news, and the 4mm is small enough that it should disappear after one SRS treatment. :):)

Since the onc and radio guy said two different things, did either offer to show you the films? You can always ask the doctors to show you the films so you can see the spots. Brain mets on an MRI are very easy to see. It all depends on their computer access or if they have the CD, but we always ask to see them and they are always happy to take us to the computer and show us.

I'm send you and your mom both a big GOOD NEWS hug!



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