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Fay A update


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I spoke with Fay A just now. She is still in ICU but hopes to be moved to a regular room shortly.

Unfortunately she had complications with the biopsy--extensive bleeding and her lung collaposed 25%. Her biopsy results were inconclusive so she is not too pleased b/c she has had false negatives befores.

However she did sound like her upbeat on-line personna, so that is good :)

Here is to a speedy recovery!

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Thank you , Andrea,

Great for you to take the time to update all of us while caring for you mom, too.

We are contantly amazed by the love and selflessness in our LCSC family.

Fay, we continue prayer and positive thoughts on your behalf...........


Pat and Brian

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Hey Fay...just remember...in the hospital, whether things go right or wrong, you still can have all the green jello you want, any time you want!! :wink:

Hope they spring you out of ICU soon. If they don't I betcha Debi and Ry have chickens all boxed up and ready to put in the mail.

Call it incentive. :wink:

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Fay, dear,

I do understand your frustration re: false negatives.. especially when you have had experience with them in the past. But, that is one of the drawbacks as were probably made aware befroe the surgery. What I am hoping for Fay, is that the biopsies were TRULY negative for a reason this time... that there was nothing positive to take a snip of!!! Dwell on that.

Just came from seeing my surgeon. He remembered me from almost 3 years ago! I am on cloud 9. When you get better, I will tell you all about him. I just love him!

Like Bruce says.

Get cher butt back here!!!

love, Cindi o'h

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Hi Fay,

So sorry for all you are going through. Lets hope for better results. I also hopel you are feeling better.

I will continue to send prayers your way. Get Well Soon, Fay, we miss you here.


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Dear Fay,

You have been through such an ordeal, and just so many in your young life, it's hard to understand where you get your drive and fighting spirit. You are such an inspiration to everyone.

Please get well soon and get home to your family, and also your LCSC family.



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