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9-15 Update on Brian


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Thank you to all of you for the prayers and support this week. It has been a rough one. We depend on you guys and you never let us down.

Brian had his labs scheduled for today. Doc worked him in for a brief 'check/up' and the decision is this:

CT moved up to tomorrow morning at 6.

Doc visit moved up to Monday at 9.

We are to notify doc immediatly if anything changes from today till Monday.

His WBC was good!

His RBC was low/ but he got Aranesp...........that always helps.

Doc said the voice concerns/ SOB and other symptoms could be that we are getting some results w/ the new chemo and that those symptoms could be a result of the chemo working on the tumors.


The tumor could be growing and pressing on things.

Doctor is very concerned about the progression of the nueropathy but will address that when we have the CT scan report.

So another long long painful weekend of waiting and watching.

We will need you by our sides again and ask for continued prayer.

Our thoughts are with all of our family here who are facing tough times, fears and losses, and our joy is with all of our family here who are enjoying a respite from this horrible battle we are all engaged in.

Love and thanks.


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we are ALWAYS at your side, whether you've asked us to be or not. I guess we all have to stay in the moment with this. I am hopeful he's feeling the chemo and not progression, and they'll get the neuropathy under control.

love and extra prayers, immediately and always.



PS. as I write this, Bob Segar has come on my internet radio station.

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Pat and Brian,

I am so very glad all things have been moved up. I will remain optimistic that the symtoms are due to tumor attack and not progression.

Of course...prayers as always for you. Additonal prayers offered so the weekend will not seem to be a month long. So many are beside you to offer support, behind you to catch you should you fall, and before you to help lead the way.



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I'm praying that the chemo shrinking the tumors is the culprit here. It just HAS to be that!!!!

I personally think that doctors should SOMEHOW read the scans immediately. Don't they realize what it does to us to make us wait for results??? Especially over a weekend.

Hang in there!

As always, you both are in my prayers.


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SO very glad things have been moved up...and will happen sooner. I hope the shot boosts his red cells a bit and increases his energy. More than that, I hope the other symptoms ARE just a matter of the chemo working rather than the alternative.

You know we are all here to help hold you up, right, Pat? Cuz we are. Pass me the pork chop...we'll pass it around here, and you just focus on you and Bri enjoying as much as you can over the coming days until you have some answers.

You know we're all pulling for some good news...that things are working and also for Bri to feel better and for you to have some down time on the worrying stuff.

Love to you both....

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Pat and Brian, I am so glad the doctor worked you in and moved up your scans and next appt. I know that makes for a long week-end but better than having it drag out next week (I guess?). I have such hope that Brian's body is just weak from helping the drugs fight the tumors. His strength has been incredible.

This calls for couch sitting and feetsie rubs all week-end long. Pat, consider it a form of exercise. It just dawned on me that the only part of my body that passed the fitness test were my hands, and I bet that was because of all of the foot rubs I gave Jim! If I were closer, I could come help. Hmmmm...perhaps a strange woman rubbing Brian's feet would give him some energy for the week-end. :D

Take care of each other and show up on Monday to get the good news.

With love,


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Sounds like you have a great doctor and he is on top of things. Add my prayers that the chemo is working and is not signs of progression. I had some neuropathy when I was on Taxol/Carbo and it helped to put ice on my hands and feet. For some reason it kept them from having that horrible itchy/tingly feeling.

Enjoy the weekend.


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Remember Moses and Aaron, when the Israelites were in a battle and when Moses' arms were up they were winning and down they were losing?

And his arms tuckered out.

So Aaron helped him hold up his arms.

We're right here--helping keep those arms up in this fight. Praying when you can't pray anymore and standing when you can't stand any longer.

Don't forget.

Love you guys.


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Pat...You and Brian are never off my prayer list. I'll throw in a few extra prayers for a good weekend. It sounds like the doctor is right on top of the situation. Glad to hear counts are up! Hang tough kid!!! We're all in your corner!

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Dear Pat & Brian,

Please know that you are both on the BIGGEST and BEST EVER prayer list and these prayers will be answered. With so many behind you both, I expect nothing but good news on Monday. Anything worth getting is worth waiting for...atleast that was what my Mom told me when I was pregnant with my first son...I wasn't in a hurry with #2 :wink: . Anyway, we've got your back guys. Enjoy the weekend.


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