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Brian's Oncology visit 9-19-05


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Our news is somewhere between good and troubling so I will post here in general.

Doctor took a lot of time with us and explained some things:

*Brian's cancer is behaving much more like small cell lung cancer than non small cell.

*That is why he chose to go w/ CPT-11 and Carboplatin when Brian experienced rapid progression of the disease.

*He usually uses CPT-11 with Cisplatin for small cell.

*Brian had Cisplatin w/ VP-16 for his first protocol.

*Doctor has never had anyone on carbo/cpt-11 combination.

*So for this doctor we are blazing the trail.

* Doc is very concerned about the neuropathy and how quickly it is progressing.

* Doc is very concerned about the 'mental withdrawal from his surroundings' experienced last week.

* Doc is very concerned about lab work.



So the plan:

No more Carboplatin.............too risky w/ Neuropathy and other side effects.

Brian will have CPT-11 alone (but doc is going to do some research to see if there is another agent he may want to add in place of the Carboplatin) for the next three Thursdays.

Then no chemo till after Greg's wedding.

(Doc said he will support Brian w/ whatever he can, medically, to help him feel strong enough to go ~ blood products, or whatever............)

Then scan when we get back.

Then plan moving forward when we get the scan results.

We are very very very relieved. We feel very blessed.

When Brian began to celebrate the good news a bit; Doc warned us to remember that Brian got this type of reduction after the first 2 rounds of Cisplatin/Vp16 and that his cancer is very aggressive. He did rain on our parade a bit. But right now we are simply praising our Father in Heaven for this good news which we so sorely needed today and we are simply trusting that He will continue to hold us as we move into the future.

Today is all we are sure of and today is GOOD.

To all of our faithful friends and comrades on LCSC:

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS, for all positive thoughts and for your loving support.

You see us through.

This is a good day and we are not going to look beyond today, except that I am going to book our air travel for the wedding.

We are trusting God to take us there...............though He may want us to use an earthly flight..........

Lot of love and continuing prayer that our family here on this site can feel some of the peace that is in our hearts today.


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Okay, you have made me cry, but these are the best tears I've had in a long time!!!! I read the other stuff and that is info for the doctor to consider so he can give Brian the Best Treatment. Tumor reduction means it is working!!!!

This is the best.

With love,


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Pat and Brian,

Wonderful news!

Book the flight....you two have a wedding to look forward to. Yippeeeeeee

I found this little quote I wanted to share with you..."The best thing about the future is it only comes ONE day at a time."

October will be here before you know it... :D

PS. Don't you have a birthday coming up Pat? I remember you saying the first day of Fall. It has to be in the next day or two right???


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Pat & Brian,

Bill and I are so very very happy for you both. This is good news and it is good for you to plan and get those airline reservations. I cannot wait until we are able to exchange our "Father of the Bride/Groom" pictures.

Lots of love, hugs and prayers to you both!

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BIG sigh of relief here, Pat. One day at a time is a great philosophy. Sometimes easier said than done, huh?

I must have missed info on the wedding. If up to it, how about some details? If you already did post...sorry I didn't see it. Will have to go hunting.

At any rate, glad the doc takes so much time with/for you. Not everyone experiences that :( .

For now I am sending up prayers of thanks and joy! May success continue.

Much love,


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Grab the good news and run with it, honey! I'm so happy to hear "significant reduction"....SO happy!

Ride on this wave of good news and happiness as long as you can. It's good for the soul...you and Bri will draw strength off of it. Rent a funny movie and laugh and enjoy yourself right on thru to tomorrow...and then maybe the next day...and the next...and the next....

Love you guys. Hang in!! And yes....I want to know about that birthday too...isn't the 22nd the first day of fall this year....huh, huh, huh? Is that your birthday, huh, huh, huh? :wink:8)

Woo hoo....grab your forks people we got back to back birthdays and lots of cake!! mine is the 21st :wink:

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What could I say. The power of prayer is wonderful.

I am so thrilled for Brian and you!!! Smiles all around. :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::D:D:D

Looks like we have some celebrating to do on the 21... Addie and you.

Cindi better keep the bar open all night. 8)


Maryanne :wink:

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This merits a WOOOOHOOOO!!!

Imagine if you got all that news but DIDN'T have the SIGNIFICANT reduction! :shock: And you've got a doctor who obviously is committed to Brian's well-being. Enjoy the wedding then regroup for another attack on that stupid cancer.

Today is all we are sure of and today is GOOD.

That works for me! :D


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