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CT on the chest/gut tomorrow


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Probably just routine...and I'm not terribly worried, but for having had some tummy 'unrest' lately. Bet it's just low counts and chemo though...as it's not constant.

Fatigue remains an issue...but I'm gaining on it a bit. Didn't really nap yesterdy and even dusted the den furniture! :shock: Thought hubby would faint. :roll:

Will let you know results when I have them. Friday, at the latest....perhaps late Thurs. afternoon.

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Perhaps we will get to that point where scans are considered just 'routine'....not sure though :roll: . If you can do that, GREAT for you.

We will be thinking of you and then we will be waiting together for results, huh? Here's to WONDERFUL results for you and Fred :D !

Now don't you start doing too much around there. Don't want DH to think he can shirk some of those household duties, you know? That is EXACTLY what has happened here. Bummer :? !!!

Love and our very most positive thoughts and wishes to you...you wonderful lady you!!!


PS: My very close friends call me Kase. You have done that now and it makes me feel VERY special :wink: !

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As always, praying for great results from your tests. Addie...can you crochet, knit and dust at the same time??? If the answer is "NO" then forget about the dusting and get out the hook and needles!!!

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Am about to take my last sips of coffee. Have to stop eating/drinking 4 hrs. ahead of the scan, you know. I'm well fortified, though, with banana and a gooey cinnamon roll.

You know, about this housecleaning thing...I think THAT might be the true sickness...eh? I did none of it yesterday. Well...okay, I put away some clean laundry...but that doesn't count, does it? :roll:

There is still enough dog hair floating in this house that if I had a spinning wheel, I could become a bald Rapunzel (is that an oxymoron?? :? ) and whip you all up a nice shawl for this winter!

Gotta go take my morning pills now....will report in when I have some news.

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this is what I would do if I had a couple of happy pooches in the house...

Just tie some old dishtowels around their tails and the happier they are the more dusting will be done... ! Let your lovers pick up some of the slack!

Crossing everything and then some for only the cleanest scans.

hope you figure out the tummy trouble through this. Will definitely be waiting for some results..

love, Cindi o'h

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