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I haven't post in a long time......UPDATE!!!


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Hello Everyone:-)

I believe the last time I posted here was around the first week of August 2005, when our brother was told that he had a few weeks to 3 months to live.

He was diagnosed with NSCLC in September 2004... The primary tumor was huge (right lung) inoperable and was compressing the heart.

He was treated with radiation first to shrink the tumor and a combination of Cyplastin and something else (can't recall the name).... Unfortunately the chemo was cancelled due to low blood counts... When he was feeling better they started him on taxotere... He was only able to do 3 treatments (out of 6) and developed pneumonia... He was in the hospital for almost 3 weeks with pneumonia.... and finally was given blood transfusions in order to get rid of it since he was not responding to any of the antibiotics... When he got healthier they started him om Alimta... He was bale to complete the Alimta treatment but unfortunately right after he was finished with the treatment he ended up in the hospital due to neurological problems....

At the time we didn't know if "what he was experiencing" were side effects of ALIMTA or maybe it was something else... I had my own suspicions that the cancer might have spread to the brain.

His legs were numb, he was nauseated a lot, started losing his balance, would become disoriented, he was trembling/shaking and eventually starting having seizures, also a lot of pressure and pain on the forehead and right eye was painful to the touch... also he had blurry vision from that eye!

At the ER they confirmed that the ct scan showed lesions to the brain. He tehn was admitted to the hospital and the next morning an MRI wa done to the head... The doctor called us that evenning in his office and told us that our brother had multiple braim tumors and that there was nothing they could do at this time and that he had less than 3 months to live.

We were devastated... In total shock! (This happend on August 1st 2005)

He doesn't know he has those brain tumors, his doctor gave him radiation to the brain also started him on Decadron for the brain edemas, and decided to give him a chemo on a pill form called TARCEVA... Up to this date our brother is still alive, still walking, still functioning, his brain activity is normal, he is still takinfg decadron daily and he is on he is bout to complete his second month of tarceva...

Everyday is a gift.... He has a lot of sypmtoms now such as muscle pain, his walking has slowed down quite a bit, he has shaking periods, he feels llots of pressure on his forehead and right eye..,, But he still alive,it's been over 3 months and I still BELIEVE with all my heart that GOD can change all of this in the blink of an eye....




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I will be praying for God's blessings and miracles for your brother, and for you and your family.

Never give up hope and faith; miracles can and do happen every day.

PS. I see your brother had whole brain radiation, but have they discussed gamma knife as well. It could at least releive some of the pressure and pain if there is a primary tumor causing the eye pain. Plus depending on the tumors themselves it could be another option.

Brain lesions should not be a death sentence. My husband was told he had over 13 brain lesions, and that was over 1 year ago. He had WBR, but his doctors also said if that did not work, and they started growing, Gamma Knife was always a second line defense option. And if that didn't help that we could try another thing called Tomo-(something or other).

Keep looking and keep fighting, your brother can still beat this thing.

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Best wishes for you and your brother. Prayers and hugs for both of you. I have been worried about my cancer spreading to my brain every time I have a headache. It may be from my blood pressure pills. It seems to happen as soon as I take them. Within twenty minutes I get the headache. I'm glad they're doing something to help your brother. Hope the new treatment helps.


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