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2 and 1/2 years since diagnoses and still clean.


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Hello All,

It can be done. I am living proof. I was diagnosed with a tumor in my left lung NSCLC, about the size of a navel orange. Thought it was my time to pay the piper. Really could not figure out how I got it, since no one in my family, brother and sisters and no one in my Mothers or Fathers family had lung cancer. Duh, I SMOKED FOR 40 YEARS! Anyway there is life after pnuemonectony and chemo. Will have to take acid meds for the rest of time and some antibiotics and some pain from the removal of ribs and all the other stuff, but HEY, it's better than the altenative. I sent the surgeon who operated on me a dozen coral colored roses on my 1 year anniversary and I think she was more excited about that then that I was still going strong. Never give up!

God Bless You All,



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Hey Doug,

Happy HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! Did you ever think that anniversaries would be so GREAT? :wink: And you tought it couldn't be done!!!! :wink::D It's Another Great Day to Be Alive my Friend!

Congratulations Neighbor! Your just a hope skip and jump from where I live.

My wish is that EVERYONE HERE at LCSC that is a survivor can live 10+ years being a survivor as I have. And then I wish for a cure all the time! :wink:

Best wishes,


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