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My name is Rick B. and I was recently diagnosed with moderately differentiated adenocarcnoma in my left lung. I have only started chemo. I am from Kenora, Ontario, Canada and would be quite interested in communicating with someone with a similar type of lung cancer. As I am new, I am not sure how this web site works but send me an e-mail if you wish to communicate further with me.


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Hi, Rick, and welcome.

Have you browsed around the different forums yet? You'll notice at the bottom of each post a signature or history of the person's experience with cancer is listed. You fill it out in the profile section. It helps us to know each other and keep updated.

I have Bronchoaveolar Carcinoma -BAC for short. It's one form of adenocarcinoma. Does "undifferntiated" mean they classify it as adeno only, but not a sub-group? I've used Iressa or Tarceva since diagnosis (dx) in January, so I haven't had any chemo experience. But lots of people here have and can share their experiences with you.

There are others here from Canada. Tonight at 9:00 your time (I think) if you click on the Chat button, you can join us in a live chat. I haven't done it before, so will look forward to seeing what everyone wants to talk about tonight.

Welcome once again.


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Hi Rick,

Spoke to you briefly in the chat room. Iam glad that you posted. You will get responses to your question.

You may want to fill out a profile, so we could know a little about your diagnosis. You will see this on the bottom of our posts.

You just go into profile and it will direct you there.

There are very knowledgeable and supportive people here.

I know you are scared as we all were when first diagnoised. Please know the LC in not a death sentence. There are so many here who have beaten the odds. You have to believe you can beat this. And you can. Have confindence in your Oncologist as they know what is best for you. If for some reason you are not comfortable, you can always get a 2nd opinion.

You said you started treatment, that is good. How are you doing with that.

Again welcome, we are sorry you had to find us but glad that you did.


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Welcome Rick 2,

Sorry you have the need to find us, but I'm glad you did.

No need to do Email, because that's what this board is all about. We do all or chit chat and questions and answers right here. Everyone here has some kind of help or suggestions to offer you.

Just read over the Forums so you know where you might want to post your next message, we will follow.

If you have problems just feel free to holler, someone will lend you a helping hand.

Please read my profile below my signature and you'll see what I have been through on this journey.

Best wishes, and I think you'll find great comfort and support here.

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Hi Rick: welcome to this site.

My pathology report said I had modetately differntiated adenocarcinoma. I have had it twice. It was cut out twice. The first time in Jan 2004, and the second time In Feb 2005. The first time it was stage 1b and the second time it was stage 1a. It was found in my upper left lobe the first time, and then in my remaining left lung the second time. I did not have chemo the first time, but did the second time. I finished chemo last July. It was not too bad. I presumably am cancer free now.

I don't know for sure what moderately differentiated refers to, but I think it means that the nucleii of the cells are somewhat differentiated. I have no idea what that means in terms of the behavior of the cancer or its response to chemo. My cancer was kind of slow growing I think. My second cancer was first noticed as a possible nodule about 5 mm in size in May of 2004. It was cut out nearly 8 months later and was 1.5 cm in size.

I suspect that there is not much point in comparing cancers. I think that even though our cancers are similar types, how our respective bodies reponds to the cancer and the treatment can be very different. Cancer is a person specific disease. I guess that is why it is hard to find a cure.

We all tend to respond to treatment to one degree or another though.

I hope you find a treatment that produces awesome results Rick. One thing you can count on is that there are treatment options available to give you many good years ahead.

Don M

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Hi Rick,

Welcome to our little family. You will find loads of info here. Whatever you are feeling at the time, someone here has traveled in your shoes. Stay with us and keep us informed of your progress while we travel this road together. We will cry with you or laugh with you. Just let us know what your needs are. The best advice I can offer you is to take it one day at a time and don't read between the lines. No need to borrow trouble. Again, Welcome.

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