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Our SBeth and Bill need our prayers and support


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We are honored that Beth and Bill have asked Brian and I to post an update for them.

We are so very very sad to tell you that Bill is declining rapidly. He is in much pain. Hospice does not expect Bill to live through the weekend.

This decline came so rapidly. On last Thursday Bill and Beth were doing some Christmas shopping at the mall and Bill was able to 'sneak away' and purchase Beth's gift.

He needed to be in bed all day Friday and Saturday, but did make it to Mass on Saturday night. On Sunday Beth became aware of a large node/tumor on his neck. They have greatly increased his pain meds and to date have been unable to ensure his comfort.

Beth is realizing that she is not prepared for Bill's death and is mostly concerned for his suffering.

No one could ever be ready and Bill's turn for the worse came unannounced. They really enjoyed some wonderful time since he stopped treatment, but it seems that is not to continue.

Please join us in fervent prayer, lots of support and love and concern for our SBeth and her loving Bill, Bill's daughters and the two boys.

We are so very sad and so very very moved that folks we have not hugged in person are so very much a part of us.

Bill and Brian have promised each other that one will save a place for the other depending upon who is the leader on the next step of their similar journey.

Lots of love and tearful hugs


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Taking your hands and beginning this prayer circle for Bill,Beth, family and friends.

Lord please let Bill pass to you with ease, and bless Beth with peace.

My heart is breaking, but I know God will help everyone though, and Bill will become another guardian angel to watch over us all.

In His Name!

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Pat, thank you so very much for sharing this update on Beth and Bill. I talked with her yesterday (PM) and found that things were not going well for Bill. I pray that God will not allow him to suffer while on his journey. I know how this suffering is tearing Beth in two. It is so very hard to see someone you love in this amount of pain. Beth, please know that we are here for you and are not ceasing in our prayer effort. I am lighting a candle right now for you and Bill.

Pat...I also will offer prayers for you and Brian. You are such a generous and loving soul, thinking of others and their troubles right now when I am sure your heart is also very heavy. Please let us know how you and Brian are doing.

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Pat, I know how hard this is for you. thanks for posting. Beth and Bill are in my prayers - I pray for some relief for Bill, and love and peace for Beth and their kids. such a tragedy.

what a loving place this is, even in the face of such sadness I am honored to be a part of it.



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I just can't take this. I just can't. My heart is already broken and I don't know how it can break anymore, but it feels like it is now being crushed.

Beth and I have PM'd and talked on the phone. I've not been posting for a couple of weeks and haven't even written to her, and I feel so terrible about all of this . . . .

Beth and Bill: May God bless you and give you strength for this journey. Nothing else really helps much, except the love of your friends and family, including your family here at LCSC.



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To Beth and Bill and Pat and Brian too!

As all have already said....my heart too is broken. I have cried so many tears for folks I have never met, yet love unconditionally.

What a comforting place this is to be - even in light of sadness so often found here. To know we all have a place in eveyone else's hearts here is such an awesome feeling. I thank God every day for this blessing.

Now, I really liked Skye's idea of a prayer circle. I am envisioning us all joining hands one to the other, squeezing so tightly, for comfort, peace, and whatever else we may be praying for.

Love and prayers,


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I'm so very sorry to hear about Bill's decline. I feel for Beth and what she is heading into. I pray Peggy, Ginny and others who have lost spouses

will be able to help her deal with it all.

Pat and Brian, what a pair you are, Brian is so

ill and you are still thinking of others with such

compassion. God holds a special place for people like you, thanks for posting.


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Beth, no words of wisdom just total empathy. I am so sorry for anyone going through this. There really is no sugar coating, this is a torturous time.

Please know that there is an invisible, but very real, circle of friendship, love and prayers encircling your family now and in the weeks and months ahead.

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