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Getting to Know You - December 21


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CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!!! Ever since I was a kid I have just been dazzled by the sparkling colored lights inside and out. Love to drive through neighborhoods at night and enjoy them all. I like the colored ones better than the crystal ones, but they're all so pretty.

Our old County Courthouse decorates with colored flood lights and goes all out each Christmas. Turns a gray, granite block old building into a jewel box!


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I love the smells of Christmas. Cookies baking, fresh trees, peppermint candy...just to name a few.

I love the sparkle in the eyes of children as they eagerly await Santa Claus.

I love the people that still remember and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.

I love families and togetherness and big dinners.

I love remembering the wonderful Christmas times I shared with Dennis.

And...every day I love getting a big, wet, sloppy kiss from my dogs and a gentle rub from my cats. They really make me happy!

And last...but not least...you guys make me happy!!!

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Spoiling my nieces makes me very happy (and my sister not so happy). I have no children of my own so it is all about Carley and Heather.

I love the sounds of Christmas, the music, the laughter and the love.

The smells of Christmas, fresh Trees, Holiday dinners ect.

Most of all, being with my family.

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I love the shopping, when you find just the perfect gift for someone that you know they'll love.

I love getting together with friends and family.

I love the kids getting so excited.

Love when I have time to do things with them like make cookies or crafts.

I love the fires in the fireplace.

Making hot chocolate for the kids...

such a special time.

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Things I like.

:D Being off from work

:D Spending Time with the Family

:D Christmas Music and Shows

:D Watching the Kids open their gifts!!


What I dont Like.

:cry: Trying to find an item that is sold out (Xbox 360 / IPOD NANO)

:cry: Crowds at the stores


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That would be now as I am finished with my gift buying (yeaaaaaaaaa) so now I could enjoy.

I even go to our most crowded mall ( which I stay away from when looking for gifts) and walk around with all the hussle and bussle and enjoy the crowd as Iam done shopping. I like to people watch.

I enjoy Xmas day being with family and or course my honey Joel who IS HEALTHY!!!!


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What I love about the season:

Having my 4 kids all reappear at once from their various work/college obligations after having an "empty" house for some time. Love to watch them talk together, play games, bond again.... This year, I will also be getting to know my new son-in-law better too!

gail p-m

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