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I'm back home.


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Just wanted everyone to know they released me today after 25 days. That's the longest stint I 've ever had in a hospital. Brian printed out so many pages of well wishes. I so appreciate your prayers and support. Will get well again, but it' s gonna be a while. Typing and reading are very hard. But thanks again to all my buddies here.((())))


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Joanie's HOME :lol::lol::lol: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take your time and don't over do! You will have PLENTY of opportunity to catch up.

Just overjoyed to 'see' you, Joanie! BTW....Brian has done an EXCELLENT job in your absence! You are a lucky woman!

Love and welcome'home',


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(((Joanie))) Soooo glad you are home!! :)You had a lot of people cheering for you..You are so loved..Get Well!!Thank Brian for all of us, he did a great job keeping us informed.. :wink: We will let you rest, come back when you feel up to it..

We love you!!


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Jaonie, I am so very glad to see that you are home and back with us. Listen, girlfriend...you just kick back and take it slow and easy. You have plenty of time to bring us up to speed on everything. We love and miss you but want you to take very good care of yourself!!!

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Please do indeed take the time that you need to heal. You know that we will be here when you are feeling better! Glad you are back home. I know how good it feels to be back in your own place.

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