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Getting to Know You - January 12


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Congratulations ! You have just won a five minute shopping spree in your favorite supermarket. You can fill your cart, for free, with anything you can fit in your cart in five minutes. What are the first three things you will put in your cart?

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Hey Jim......you still get to pick one more :lol: !!

Guess I would have to go with filet (or if Ginny and Tina have already taken them all...I could settle for strip steaks), lump crab meat, and shrimp!!!!

In fact, filets are going to be our celebratory dinner tonight :wink: !


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Ginny...You can't buy wine in the supermarkets in your state? What a down right shame. All of the supermarkets here have good wine selections. Just come on down and do some shopping with me!!! One of my favorite little markets even has free beer while you shop. Hear that Frank???

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it didn't even occur to me to consider price, or get anything I would have to actually cook. :oops: I just envisioned a whole shopping cart filled with licorice.

can a put a little man in the cart, to cook the steak and lobster I now know I should load up on?

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Hope you had a good dinner Kasey, and your steak was cooked to perfection. I also like mine medium rare... yummmm

In fact I just picked up 4 beautiful, thick New York strips for $4.99 a lb. on sale. Can't wait to cook them up. Yes, I am the only person who cooks here, including barbacuing.. :roll:

But Charlie is welcome over here to do the cooking for a night :D.

Mr Ry, Baileys, Jack Daniels? What supermarket do you shop at. I want to go there.

I am also one of those people like Ginny who does not have wine or beer in a supermarket or convenience store. You can only get that at a liquor store. :cry:

I also would fill my cart with chicken, pork, some frozen dinners, crab meat, crab cakes, desserts, ice cream... opps I think I went over the 5 minutes.

Maryanne :wink:

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