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Martha reminder


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this is a quick check-in from Boston, I'll be home tomorrow afternoon and will update/report on my night out with rich.

a few of you asked for a Martha reminder. in NYC, it's on at 11:00 AM. IF we get airtime, and that's a big'if', look for me in a brown turtle neck and Justin in a pink shirt...

I am a little horrified I told you all about this. heh. I know you'll all still be my friends, even if I look like a tool on national TV...



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Still trying to figure it out

here in Quebec-Canada.........

Not much better with taping

programs than using a computer,

Lost in this world of modern things.

Will wear a brown turtle neck sweater

at the same time, to bring you luck

even if it doesn't bring me the viewing.

Good luck.



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well criminy.. I was watching the whole show and couldn't spot you.

Barry Manilow is all over the place right now in NYC doing spots on all the talk shows. IMO he is so boring! He sings with his skinny little lips closed and it looks like he has his mouth wired shut! (didja hear that, Barry?)

I watched to see you, though, Aime. You are my favorite!

cindi o'h

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I watched the whole dumb show. I know know how to make Barry M a bologna sandwich.............even though Martha screwed it up. He said AMERICAN cheese NOT WHITE cheese. The bread was WHITE.........Martha should listen before she bakes.................then I sat through the babble and learned it is okay to slurp noodles in NY.


I never could spot my Bunny girl and Justin............


I shudda just kept workin'.

I am so bummed.

Lots of love to my Amie~girl

Newpaper Knots my Arse.

I am going to stick to Judge Judy.

:? Pat

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:lol::lol: I love that you guys all looked for us. so fun!! in the end, it's fun to have been on but I am kinda glad they were fleeting moments. those tree trunks used to be great legs. :roll:

anyway, it was so much fun. very bonding for Justin and me, after a year spent hanging out in hospitals together. how cute is my little brother!?!?!?

oh, and - yes. Barry Manilow has made great contributions to music over the years, but this new stuff won't likely be one of them. he looks very skinny in person, Joanie, and he won't eat in public which is always a red flag for nuttiness. he looks plastic-y in person, but he had more personality than Martha. she's just insufferable.

that said, it was a very positive experience...which I am relieved is now over.

love you all, and missed you. will try and get caught up after I reacquaint myself with Davy.



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Amie, I have to ask.......are the shoulder pads in his jacket as HUGE as they looked on TV?

Figured if you're that thin and fixated about not eating you have to fill the athletic cut jacket somehow.

By the way Pat, I just loved your tirade - you said it all!


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Ok, so I sat through the whole thing, going through each pan of the audience...was that a brown turtleneck? ... No, but there is a pink shirt. Woops! Female, definately not Aime's bro...still looking for brown next to pink...maybe I got the colors wrong...why do they HAVE to show Barry singing anyway? Pan the audience, camerapeople!

Shoot, I missed you! I feel like an idiot because it seems you were plain as day to everyone else.

Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Now go bill some hours at work! :wink:

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Near the end of the show I saw a guy with a pink shirt, dark hair, glasses sitting in the front of the back(?) behind a divider? Was that your brother? It was just a second as they pand. Donna G

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SAW YA :lol::lol::lol: !!!!

I sat right in front of the television.....even through all the commercials so as not to miss a pan of the audience. A couple of good shots ~ just not long enough. You'd think they would PAUSE the camera on a beautiful young miss in the front row, ya know :?::?:

I suffered through Martha.....BUT.....I do like Barry Manilow :oops: !!!! AND my cleaning lady and I had to negotiate how much she was to be paid, as she watched with me and got just a BIT behind with the dusting and vacuuming :roll: and needed to stay a little longer :shock: !

Loved it,


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