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Fay A. 2-17-06

Fay A.

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Things are okay right now...kind of quiet which is nice. And I have been enjoying spending time with my Houdini-Dog. He's pretty stressed out by all that is happening. He's such a great critter (Can you tell that I tend care deeply about all manner of creatures and critters and peoples?).

Wishing you all well. No need to repsond. Just an update to let you know the sun shines on me still...sort of. It is SNOWING in the Mountains north of me and not too far north at that! Winter has hit us on the Central Coast in a way not felt since about 1998 I think.

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Hi Fay,

Good to see you post and still feeling the sun shine. I'm so glad you're with your sweet Houdini too. I also love my 4 legged critters deeply and they do know how we feel. My favorite 4 legged critter is a 13 year old "cancer pup" but that's a whole other story.

As usual, lots of prayers being sent your way.

gail p-m

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It is always so good to see you posting again. It makes my day especially when the sun is shining and all is quiet.

Glad you were reunited with your pooch. He is so glad to have his mommy bac.

Take care and may the sun shine on you many many days to come! 8)

Maryanne :wink:

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I'm fine, even though it is cold here and I have no hair. A lady at the Onc's office chrocheted the perfect cap for me. Beige and Black and absolutely no seams on the inside that come in contact with the skin. Last time around I had something like "bed sores" form on my scalp from seams left where yarn was sewn and not chrocheted together. Just a "head's up" for those making caps for those wearing them.

I do thank you for the offer very much, JC. You design such beautiful jewelry that your caps must be very lovely, too. I'm just reluctant to take resources for such a limited amount of time.

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I'm just reluctant to take resources for such a limited amount of time.

Fay, no matter how much time you have, you should feel surrounded by the love of all the people you have inspired. There is no real limit to love and you deserve to feel what is in response to what you have given so willingly over the years. You should be comfortable, you deserve no less.



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