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My father died


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My dear, sweet father died last Wednesday night at home. Long story, short. He was diagnosed with two brain mets on Dec. 22nd last year. He had undergone 10 rounds of WBR and was doing okay with everything, but very tired. The lung cancer was stable as of the last appointment in Dec. The last couple of weeks he was so tired and not eating well, but we felt pretty good at the last oncology appointment. The doctor felt that he could still be tired due to just being a month out from radiation. That night, my dad was apparently reaching for a snack in the kitchen and had a stroke and fell. Combined with the stroke and blow to his head from the fall, he had a significant bleed in his brain. We worked hard to get him into hospice and home by Sunday afternoon. My mother and I cared for him from Sunday, until he died on Wednesday night with my mom at his side. It was very peaceful and I feel honored that I was able to care for him. The hospice was terrible, but since I'm a nurse, I just dealt with it. I feel that they took advantage of the fact that I am a nurse and didn't do much to help. My father didn't know any different, as he was unresponsive pretty much from the time he came home, but if I thought he was going to be with us much longer, I would have changed to a different hospice. Anyway...thanks for letting me share. I have been having a difficult time since the brain mets and just didn't have the energy to post any bad news here. We have lost so many wonderful people lately. It breaks my heart. I miss my wonderful dad so much. He truly was the kindest and nicest person you could ever know.


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Hi, I am feeling your loss, so very much :cry: . Everyday will bring the sense of loss. I know, it's only been a little over a month since Leslie passed. Nothing can deminish the pain but time. And I'll admit, time passes way to slowly with this sense of loss. I am here with you. We can talk through it together if you like. Stay focused in each moment. That's the only way I can cope. Not easy.

My heart goes out to you,

Mark (Leslie 221 husband)

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I am so sorry for you loss! I lost my Dad on 11-18-05 and the pain is still in my face every second of every day. I guess time will help (that's what everyone keeps telling me)but I know I will never be the same again. I know this loss made me stronger I'm not sure if thats good or bad. Take care of yourself and your Mom.

((())) Michele

Dad dx 04-02-05

Passed away 11-18-05 only 66 years old :cry::cry:

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So sorry for the loss of your dad. Losing a parent is really tough. You were a great daughter as you were by his side. What more could he have asked for.

My deepest condolences goes out to you and your family.


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Please know you and your sweet family are in my prayers. I am so very sorry about your loss. I hope you take comfort in knowing that you were 100% there for your folks. I am sure they appreciated and need all your help and advocacy. Much lover and healing to you and the ones you love,


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