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PET/CT Results - Restaged


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Received the results of my PET/CT scans and I'm ecstatic! Hilar lymph node has "completely resolved" and primary tumor has been restaged from 3B to 1A (thank you doctors)! Rather than start Tarceva immediately, we're going to blast that tumor with 3 more rounds (every 3 weeks) of Taxotere and add Avastin to the mix. My onc is giving me another week off before starting chemo again to try and give my blood counts a boost. Next PET/CT will be scheduled for 3 months from now and hopefully that will come back NED.

Never really knew what "battling cancer" meant until I entered this crazy existence, but I now fully understand just how much of it is a mental and physical battle to keep voluntarily subjecting oneself to the various forms of torture that keep us alive. I have so much respect and admiration for everyone on this board -- the survivors, the caregivers, the family members, etc., that keep us motivated and focused on a cure. It's not an easy thing for anyone.

Praying for excellent results for all of us.


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this is fantastic news! There is a great big probability that your next scans will show even greater shrinkage and maybe even no evidence of any tumor at all!!! Seriously!

Keep it up, you have worked hard!

Have you posted in the LCSurvivors forum on Connie B's thread?


Cindi o'h

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