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Karen and Ken


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Ann asked me to post this as she is out of the office today (working, nonetheless). Ann spoke with Karen today and Karen asked her to let us all know how things were going for them. Ken is declining rapidly. He was pretty alert when the family visited. Ann said that Karen said that his condition has changed dramatically in just a weeks' time. Hospice will bring a hospital bed, walker, etc. tomorrow. Karen or Ann will update us as they can.

It sounds as though they could use extra prayers and good thoughts.


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I am trying not to cry right now. having a bad day today and do not know why. But I do know why. Am missing deb thru all this and feeling so blue to see such scary news for someone else. I will say extra prayers for karen and ken tonite. Just needing a little peace and joy in life today. been 6 weeks wo Deb. Many prayers

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Thank you for the update. I have been asking how Ken was doing. I feel so bad for his decline and I pray he is pain free and will be a peace soon.

Prayers sent to him and Karen. This is sad news but I am so glad that his family was ablt to visit.


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Muriel...thanks so very much for posting this for me yesenday. I will keep you posted as I talk with Karen. She is thinking of all of you and appreciates all of your prayers.

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