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Update on Ken


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Ken is getting progressively weaker. The worst thing is the mental confusion. It is very difficult for me to get any medication in him. He always says he already took it. The other morning he looked absolutely terrified of me when I tried to get him to take some anit-nauseau medicine. He said I gave it to him 4 times already. It just broke my heart.

Hospice wants me to double his dose of the long lasting morhine. Problem is he refuses to take any morphine at all now. The only thing he will take is the oxycodone so I am doubling the dosage on it. I do have liquid morphine and sometimes he will take it. I am thinking about trying to put it in a drink, but he does not drink much.

He has gotten so weak today. His speech has really gotten difficult to understand, and when I can understand him it does not make much sense. This is so incredibly difficult. My mother is with him now, I just ran into the office briefly. I called our daughter in WY to come back soon, maybe Sat. I have a lot of support and help but I just was not prepared for how painful this is. He is just wasting away before my eyes.

Continued prayers are needed. Thank you.

Karen H

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Oh Karen -

It is just so hard. I wish I had an answer for you. Why does hospice want to double the morphine? Is it to keep him comfortable? Is he anxious? So many prayers for you during this terribly difficult time. I remember one minute praying that God just take my mom and other moments praying for more and more time with her -- it just absolutely sucks. I hope that hospice is able to give you some comfort and good direction as well.

With heartfelt love and prayers,


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It breaks my heart to read your posts. You are holding up so good. Please know there are so many prayers going out to him and you.

Hang in there honey, I pray for him to be at peace.

I am so sorry Karen... this is so sad.


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