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My mom's tumor has shrunk in half!


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I'm happy to report, that my mom, Rosie, had her results, from the chest x-ray and the primary tumor has shrunk, almost half in size! She still has more chemotherapy (4 more) and 5 more radiation treatments scheduled, so I am hopeful, for further shrinkage! Can anyone tell me, if this is a significant result? I fear getting my hopes up, but I feel good about it! Really good! Today, anyway....but I guess we take it one day at a time, right?

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:D:D WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!! :D:D Congratulations and sending prayers for more good news next time.positive thoughts for con't treatment.
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Wow, that is really GREAT news!

It sounds to me like your Mom is on the right track.

I think you should definately get your hopes up...and celebrate...and let your Mom know how proud of her you are.

After we found the right chemo combination, my Mom had 50% reduction too.

It took two more treatments and we now have NED.

As you mentioned, it is so much of a roller coaster ride and you have to live for those good reports and enjoy the news!!!

I'm really happy for you both. :D

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