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Hi friends,

Prior to meeting with the local oncologist today I contacted his research nurse with our situation. She met with us before the oncologist and was very optomistic compared to him. I am so glad she is on our team and is diligently looking for solutions. He finally joined in the discussion and by the time we were finished we were given 2 options of treatment.

Bill decided to go with Gemzar and began this afternoon. We are praying that this works of course - but if it is unsuccessful we will be doing CPT 11 and Temodar. It's a clinical trial (Bill doesn't qualify for it due to prior chemo) but the research nurse said we could do it "Off Study" as long as she could provide medical documentation of its success from 2 medical journals to the insurance company. By law she said they must cover it if she can produce the documentation.


Bill's spirits were so down this weekend it is wonderful to see a glimmer of hope coming back into his eyes.

Bless every single one of you and your families,


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I can't begin to tell you how emotional your post made me!!! Thank goodness for the caring, encouraging research nurse! Praying for you guys that the glimmer of hope continues to shine and lead you to the light of remission.

Love and hugs,

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I am SO HAPPY to hear your wonderful news! That is just great and I am so happy for Bill and you. Everytime I see the picture of you and Bill and your daughter I think of what a beautiful family you are and your last post saddened me. I will continue to pray for Bill and all of us.

Bess B

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Yah Hoo!!!!! I am so glad they were able to give Bill Gemzar. Did you have a chance to ask the nurse about Alimta also. I hope this will work for Bill. You two have been thru so much and deserve the best to happen.

Praying for you every day. Praying for all of us.

God Bless and praying for a "Cure"......

All we have to do is ask in Jesus name

By his stripes we are healed



Dx'd 3-03 - 3A - NSCLC - Radiation - Taxol/Carbo

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