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Bev update


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Mom was in the onc. this week, and we got mostly good news! The primary hasn't grown (go Tarceva!), and he thinks she is doing very well. She has been slowly losing weight (8 lbs. over the last couple of months, and she didn't have any extra to start with), but he thinks that is more Crohn's related than cancer. It could possible be linked to the Tarceva, but no way we are going to mess with that. I keep offering to give her a fat tranfer--I happen to have extra I wouldn't mind getting rid of--but the Dr. hasn't figured a way to make that work.

He did find another tumor in her lungs...it's small (1 cm?) but still not my favorite. Mom is going on a fun vacation to Cabo in May. Her theory is that she will do nothing until after that, and her dr is comfortable with that decision. She will check in with her internist at that time as well, to check for Crohn's complications. She also went to the pulm. this week, who was very impressed with her Inogen machine.

So for now we are focusing on the positive. She has managed to amaze her dr. so far, and we aren't questioning it. Go Bev!

:) Kelly

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Missed this post somehow, Kelly......sorry :oops: . News sounds promising, huh? Bev is a real scrapper, and I am so happy she has something fun she is looking forward to. Make sure she plans to behave herself.................no wild and crazy behavior expected from her :wink: !

I am so glad things are going well.


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