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A Secret--not entirely LC related


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I think I'm going to start taking classes towards getting my M.Div. I'm going to begin filling out a couple of applications tonight.... ...Because I am thinking very strongly about becoming a hospital/hospice chaplain.

More to the point, I think that is the current direction I feel "led" to go. I've never been able to figure out what people mean when they say that... but this is the closest I've ever come.

It does and doesn't have to do with Mom. I think that she had a hand in it. First of all, it was an incredible experience to be able to be her 'midwife' of sorts as she passed out of this life and into the next. And it was on her birthday that I got the 'chills' moment that made me feel like that was where I was being 'led.'

My undergrad degree is in Special Education. Half-way through getting it, I realized that the idea of teaching didn't feel right to me. I've been trying to figure out what did for some time. This feels right.

Anyway... I think that is the direction things are going, if we can make it happen financially and such. I've been sitting on it for a while trying to figure out if it's just a whimsical little, "That would be nice" fantasy, but it feels like more than that. I guess all I can do is face this direction and see what comes of it.

I've said elsewhere that I don't believe crappy things happen 'for a reason' necessarily. More I believe that God can take the crappy things that do happen and make good of it. I see this as the good that is being made out of my journey of the last couple of years.

Anyway... I just thought I would share with you all. Haven't shared with many yet because it feels so tentative.

Thanks if you got all the way through this. ;)

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I am thrilled to hear this, Val. I remember you mentioning it to me quite a while ago...............so this doesn't seem like a flash in the pan idea, ya know. You will be magnificent at it as well...........at least I think so. Prayers for direction and the finances it make it become a reality.



PS..............What a darling new pic of our little Miss Carlyn. Each new one brings new smiles to my face!!!!!

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What a wonderful calling! You would be very good at it -- it is so obvious how much heart you have and how much thought you put into your posts. Somehow you always seem to know just what to say that helps (in difficult to discuss threads too).

Hope the finances work out for you to give it a go.


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Val, I'm a firm believer in being "called." I think we could all know more about our correct path if we just listened more carefully. Best of luck to you - you will know if it is not right soon enough. And even if it isn't the "path with heart," you still will have learned. May God bless you and your beautiful daughter, Teresa

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God bless you! I think this is a fantastic idea! I have been reading your posts for months now, and I love your spirit, your courage, and your kind words. Stay strong, and I do believe without a doubt that you mom has her part in all this!

God bless! :D

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