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suki's update


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suki the one-lung wonder had her six month check today, since our friend NED came for a visit in January. I did not get a look at the report, which I now regret, but they said everything looks fine. the radiologist detected "something" at the margin but the surgeon and onc. agree that it's scarring from the pericardial window procedure mom had. so there you go. NERD, NED - not in so many words, but still there. it always takes some time to sink in, but obviously we're thrilled. so she will continue on 75 mg of Tarceva a day and repeat the process in six months.

we saw her stage today in the doc's notes - they hadn't wanted to give it to her, and she didn't want to know it, last year. so the cancer they removed a year ago was stage IIIB. it's hard to hear, since her first cancer was II, but it's GONE, so who cares, right? she asked the doc for stats (I bit my tongue, if you can believe that) and he refused to give a number. he said it was likely to come back, but hopefully not for a very long time.

so there was a bit of a reality check in there, but it is, as they say, ALL GOOD.

oh, and thanks for all the good wishes: David the Irish is much better, a little bit more mobile and not in excrutiating pain anymore. thank god.

love you all, thank you again for being here for us.



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Amie...so very happy to hear that Suki is is doing so great!!! So very glad that she and NED have become so close! Hope you didn't bite your tongue too hard. Also glad to hear Dave is doing better. Now...how is Amie doing????

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PS: since Ann asked, Amie is OK - I can't lie, watching Dave suffer the way he did has left me pretty wiped out, though I am thrilled he's doing so much better. and, believe it or not, I am having a little teeny procedure myself on Thurs. (when it rains it pours, right? sheesh!) but it is nothing to worry about at all. just a little 'girl stuff' that needs to happen before I can, heh, make suki the grandma I know she's anxious to be! :wink: nevertheless, it's a surgery and prayers are welcome and much appreciated (I truly believe this is the greatest prayer patrol on earth...) thanks for asking, Ann.

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