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Walking on Sunshine

Tom K

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This past Wednesday I had surgery to biopsy the 2 lesions on my liver. Immediately after the surgery I was told the preliminary pathology indicated benign. Today the surgeon’s assistant called and told me the pathology lab confirmed both lesions were benign. She said they were the result of a common inflammation (which explains the PET results). I was a little surprised when my oncologist stopped by the recovery room after the surgery (the cancer center is another building on the hospital campus). He seemed as pleased as I was with the results and he mentioned that he had said a blessing for me. I already liked my oncologist and had confidence in him, but I was surprised to hear him say he prayed for me. It feels very good to have a doctor that cares that much about his patients. When I asked him what was next for me, he said we just confirmed I do not have cancer and I should call him in a month or so to schedule some follow up scans. This disease really is a roller coaster ride but for now it's time to feel good.

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:D Tom,

You gotta know Cindi o'h is loving this news!!! What did I say? What did I say???

I am so very happy that your path turned out as it did. Does it get any better?

It will be awhile until you feel normal/good, Tom. But, until then, feel as good as you can each and every day.

I haven't seen you at the pub yet and it's Friday night. I propose a big toast. I am popping the champagne corks!

Cindi o'h

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