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Asking for prayers


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I'm asking for prayers for my friend and my husband.

They have found new growth in the lung and 1-2 brain mets on my girlfriend who has ext. SCLC. She began brain rads yesterday and will start lung today. Also they are restarting her chemo. She has a horrible home situation, wasn't in the best health to begin with, and this is not going to be good. Karen is a wonderful, God fearing, faithful friend and I'm just broken-hearted that she is going through this -- it's just so unfair. I feel so helpless. Prayers (and driving) are what I can offer right now. So I'm asking for your help.

Also, I'm asking prayers for my husband too. I'm such a big weenie, but I'm scared because he has been off chemo for the last 2 mos and we are not scheduled for another PET scan until late August. He has never been off chemo since his diagnosis and I worry about the cancer getting out of control. He's thrilled to be off the chemo and is recuperating quite nicely, but my fears are starting to get the best of me. I'm asking for prayers that he remains stable during this time. I also thank God that he is recovering from the chemo/rad and enjoying life again. (The minute we got a wheelchair and threw it in the back of the car, he didn't need it anymore!)

I hope this is alright to ask for prayers. My girlfriend Karen feels that the more prayers, the better, so I'm embracing her philosophy.



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I will certainly be happy to include both Karen and your husband in my prayers. I think it is wonderful that Karen has you for such good friendship and support. I know how worried you are between your husbands scans. Just try to relax, take some really deep breaths and be glad he doesn't need that wheel chair.

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It's more than alright to ask for prayers.......I know that sometimes it is all we can offer to our friends here. And it never seems like it is enough. But, there has to be something to the power of prayer.

I'm including all of you in my prayers, Welthy.

Warm Hugs,


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Dear Welthy,

Its more than alright to ask for prayers.... Lots and lots of them!!!

It is always frightening around scan time.... you kind of "hold your breath" till you get the results, I remember it well. And praying that your hubby is still doing well and continues to do so. Love, Sharon

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