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Rich everybody has been asking about Frank L. How are you doing not much from you in LC NEWS and was wondering how YOU are doing? Let us know thanks.

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Thank you Randy and Everyone for asking--Well saw my oncologist, my PA for my leg, and went for a echo sound to make sure no blood clots, which there are not any yesterday. My kind of appointments three for the prize of one co-payment. :lol: The leg is healing but very slowly, still one wound open, but they are not very deep, only the surface or close to it. I just had a feeling something was wrong but in the past I could always tell when my platelets were down but the symptoms I used to get I don’t get any more. They are back down to 6000. So that is why the slow healing. Bruising like crazy, both my legs and feet are all black on blue. Red spots all over my body and bruises everywhere, just touch something and I bruise.

So they game plan is back (80mg) on Prednisone, stop the Plavix and Aspirin and go back on when they are back up to 30,000. Unlike the last time when I stayed off of it much longer and took the mild heart attack. :roll: Also going to get 4 infusions of Deluxin, I think that is how it is spelled but not sure, they give it to people with lymphoma. Maybe someone else has heard of the correct name? It should get my platelets to stay back up longer this time. No chemo until everything is stable and that will be Alimta. Not really worried per say about the nodules even though there are about 8, they are all very tiny. So we have time to spare. A little more concerned about the platelets happening so close together for the first time in 27 years. And if all else fails might have to nuke the lymph nodes in the I think stomach area, but my Doctor is not to keen on that. Were all confident this plan will work and back in the saddle soon.

The walk is keeping me busy and coming along thanks to Geri, Rochelle and the entire committee. But I also have to stay off my legs and keep them elevated. So have to cut back on my computer time.

OH and good news I did save a bunch of money on my Geico car insurance. Well not really but I love those commercials. :lol:

Well that is about it for now as the chemo drips for me. My spirits are good and my attitude is even better! Take care everyone and have a nice night.


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So great to hear from you, Rich! Hoping those blood counts get back up there really quickly. Saying prayers that all goes well for you. Please keep us posted!!!

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Rich have you ever stayed at a Holiday Inn express? Thanks FOr touching In and Glad to hear you are doing ok as ok can do ya' know :mrgreen:

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Your attitude is great as always. Sounds like you have really had some problems with that leg. HOpe it heals all the way soon and that those counts come up. Nice to hear from you about you. You are always so sweet to keep us all updated on any news and I appreciate it. But glad to know how you are doing as well.


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Your attitude is always wonderful Rich, no matter what is thrown your way.

You will get through this. Just take it easy and heal. You know how much we appreciate all you do for us. We just want to give back.

I know I don't have to tell you to hang in there. You are a real trooper and the best role model.

Prayers sent to you for healing and good results.

Maryanne :wink:

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